Thanksgiving 2016

We had a great Thanksgiving this year.  I cooked the turkey and baked pumpkin pie on Wednesday.  Sarah baked apple crisp at her house, then came over and spent the night Wednesday night.  We all got up Thursday morning and watched the parade.  It’s one of our most favorite Thanksgiving traditions.  We also had some […]

Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ 11/6

  FOR Sunday 11/6 Outside my window…Beautiful blue skies, but a bit chilly, though not as cold as it should be.  We are averaging about 10 degrees above normal right now, which is very weird.  The forecast for us this year is warmer weather, but more snow.  We do get a lot of snow sometimes, […]

My health is continuing to improve

I’ve talked about my surgery over the summer and the fact that I’ve been severely anemic for at least 9 months if not over a year.  I’ve just passed the 4 month mark since my surgery, and I’m blessed by my continued improvement with my health.  I still have days and times that I am […]