• Current creativity

    I finished working on some dish cloths last week.  I haven’t decided if they are for us, my gift box or possibly my cottage shop, but at least they are done.  🙂 I couldn’t decide what crochet project to start next, so I picked up a cross stitch project.  It’s a very simple one that I printed off the internet last year.  I had shopped with my mom during the summer and picked up all the floss I needed for it, and then it just sat.  But after ladies craft time in January, seeing some very pretty cross stitch projects it made me want to work on one again.  It’s…

  • Working on some crochet projects

    I actually my made first sale at my cottage shop!  I was so happy but so shocked too.  I honestly haven’t worked that hard on advertising or anything like that.  I announced it on FB and that was about it.  Then on Friday I received an email saying someone (that I don’t know) had bought both of my sets of dish cloths!  So now I’m working on packing them up but I’m also trying to work on creating some more.  These were the only ones I had in pre-made, so I guess I know what crafts I’ll be working on.   Save

  • Christmas crafts

    I’ve been making some different Christmas crafts this year and having a blast doing it.  Plus, the kids got in on the fun too.  Lots of crafty Christmas things going on around here.  🙂

  • Christmas crafts

    I’m not a big one for working on Christmas crafts during the summer months.  I know lots of good crafters work on Christmas presents, decorations and such during the summer so that they are done before the holidays.  But I just can’t seem to be able to do that.  It’s so hard to work on Christmas things when it’s hot and sunny out. So since I only work on holiday crafts once it starts getting cold and during the holidays, the crafts need to be quick and easy.  I have found some that I have been working on and having fun with it.

  • A very crafty week ahead

    Yep, that’s what I have come up, a very crafty week.  My mom, sister and I are going to a scrapbooking conference this weekend.  Though we like scrapbooking, it’s not one of our favorite crafts.  But this conference has classes for other crafts besides just scrapbooking.  But mainly it’s a time for us three to get together for a weekend of fun.  We’ll be staying at the hotel where the conference is, learning some new crafts, having 2 whole days of crafting and of course, lots of eating.  🙂 We’ll be meeting for lunch on Thursday, then driving the hour drive to the town the conference is in.  Then we’ll…