Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ 11/6

  FOR Sunday 11/6 Outside my window…Beautiful blue skies, but a bit chilly, though not as cold as it should be.  We are averaging about 10 degrees above normal right now, which is very weird.  The forecast for us this year is warmer weather, but more snow.  We do get a lot of snow sometimes, […]

Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ 11/22

  FOR Sunday November 22nd   Outside my window…Dark, but clear and nice.  Earlier today it was sunny and somewhat warm around 40.  It was very nice   I am thinking…About upcoming Thanksgiving day.  We have plans to go to my parents house, but there is a possible snow storm coming in on Wednesday into […]

Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ 10/11

  FOR Sunday October 11th   Outside my window…Blue skies but very windy.  We are in a wind advisory right now, and we have all the windows closed so we don’t get tons of dust and dirt.  I really don’t like that, I like my windows open.  Hopefully tomorrow. I am thankful…For how blessed I […]