My birthday

We celebrated my birthday a week or two ago, and I just have to share because my family blessed me so much.

First, Paul made me what I wanted for my birthday, grilled steak and potatoes and home made no bake cheese cake. Yes, Paul made the cheese cake for me! The first time he ever made it and it was great!


We celebrated on a day where Sarah could be there. I do love my children.


I’m amazed that I was blessed with such a sweet man as my husband. He really does take care of me.
The yummy cheesecake he made me, exactly the way I want it, plain. 😀
All my wonderful gifts!

That last picture truly shows how much my family knows me.  I love to read, listen to 50’s music, drinking out of cute mugs, and my favorite candy flavors are coconut and chocolate and caramel and chocolate.  I didn’t ask for any of these things, it was just things they all came up with on their own.  I do love my family so and I had a blessed birthday.

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  1. Very nice ! I’m glad you had a great day .
    My husband usually cooks for me on my birthday too.

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