What’s your favorite social media site?

I’ve been thinking about social media lately.  I’m trying to streamline how I use all the different social media platforms.  I will admit that Facebook takes up most of my time, but I am starting to use others more, and that takes even more time. 😀

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest I’ve been on for years, Instagram and LinkedIn I’ve just started last year.  I’m enjoying all of them in their own way, but none of them really connect easily to each other.  FB is mainly written updates, Instagram is for pictures, Twitter short updates, Pinterest I use more for my own personal area to save items I want to go to again, and LinkedIn is for business connections.  They all seem so different, yet they are all the top social sites.

I think the hardest thing for me is what to post on them.  Back in the ‘day’ you wrote a blog post, and that was it.  Maybe you would then share it on your Facebook account, and then Twitter.  I still do that with most of my posts, but I’m trying to start posting on the other sites too.  I guess I struggle with feeling like whether what I have to say belongs on those other sites.  Most of my posts were updates about our lives, though now that we are past our homeschooling years, I am starting to branch out and write up some different types of posts.  Maybe as I do that more, I’ll feel more like I have things to share on those platforms.

I’m also trying to figure out the best way to organize and post on all these sites.  I currently use HootSuite, but probably not to it’s fullest potential.  I’m looking for some other options that will help with that.

What about you?  What social media platforms do you use the most?  Do you connect them all, making sure what you blog about is connected with other platforms?  Or do you share things independently on them?  What options do you use to post to the platforms?  I would love some tips on how best to organize and post to these different sites?

Please connect with me if you use any of these social platforms (all the links are either in this post or up at the top of my site).  I would love to connect with you.  😀



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  1. I know, it’s all so confusing! I do Google+ for bloggy stuff and almost nothing on FB. Amy Lynn Andrews is my go to person for all of this, and her newsletter is awesome. I think you would enjoy it. Just search her name and you will see all the awesome stuff she does.

    1. Thanks, I’ll definitely look her up. I need to set up a Google+ account soon, just another social media to add. 🙂
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  3. […] not only the look of this site, but also how I use it.  I wrote briefly about working with different social media sites and Annie Kate from Tea Time with Annie Kate suggested a site to look up, by Amy Lynn Andrews.  […]

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