A great day with hubby

Paul had today off and we had such a great day together.  First, all four of us worked on our front yard and raked up all the leaves.  I didn’t think of getting any pictures, but we ended up having 6 big lawn & leaf bags completely full.  It was good work, and I’m glad we got it done.

After that, Paul took me out to lunch.  We went to our favorite hot dog place.  It’s simple, but good food, chili-cheese dogs, yum.  😀  We ran a few errands while we were out, and of course we voted.  Then we went for a drive to see the snow on the mountains.  We have many different mountain ranges around us, and not many of them have snow.  But as we were driving, we saw a range that did have snow on it.  So we drove around until we could get a good view of it for a picture.  Though I like this picture even hubby said I need a zoom lens.  He’s still talking about getting me a DSLR this tax time.  🙂

I like the view of the Autumn looking tree on the left and then snow on the mountains.

After we got home I took a friend to the polls so she could vote.  She has a broken foot and can’t drive.  It’s been beautiful weather for us about 10 degrees above normal.  It’s so nice outside and we’ve been trying to do as much outside as we can.  I’m going to do some work on my cross stitch projects.  I’m half done with the third project, so I’m moving right along.  We are also watching the election news too tonight.  Guess I should get off the computer and get started on it.  🙂

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