I am so excited, Paul and I have all our curriculum picked out for the kids next year.  We always buy it around now with tax money, and though we won’t be buying them until February, it is nice to finally have it all picked out. So here is what we are doing this year.

For both of the kids we are sticking with Mystery of History Volume II and their respective Teaching Textbooks. They’ll both be doing Apologia science, though Sarah will be doing General Science, and Paulie Zoology II. For English, for Sarah, she’ll be continuing with parts of CQLA, Character Quality Language Arts, we’ll be dropping the dictation part. But we’ll stick with the vocabulary, grammar & essay parts. Plus we’ll be adding American Lit., and have her read 3 different books throughout the year with a study guide and/or essay’s. She’ll be doing Rosetta Stone Spanish (thank you mom & dad) and drawing for art, and her elective will be driver’s ed.   We pretty much have her whole high school schedule planned out, except for electives, we’ll plan those out year by year. For Paulie, we’ll be starting Lifepacs for Language Arts for him, and Building Spelling Skills for his spelling. And for both of them we’ll go between our stationary bike, Wii Fit (if we get it) and hiking for their PE class. We’ll start the hiking in the spring. We have lots of friends who hike around here, so we’ll find lots of fun places to hike.

So that’s it. That’s our curriculum for the coming year. We were also blessed with some misc. Spanish cd’s that Sarah and I will start working on probably next week. I am so thankful that Paul and I had the chance to work together on picking out the curriculum. It was so nice to bounce ideas off each other, and decide together which direction we should go in. Now I just want to be able to order them. I so enjoy ordering and receiving new curriculum. So much fun. Should be able to order them around the 2nd week in February.

Nothing much else going on. Just doing the normal, daily things. I like doing normal, daily things.


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