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We have been having some very gorgeous weather yesterday and today, and I’ve been enjoying every minute of it. We were in the 50’s yesterday and 60’s today, with clear, sunny skies. I know to some that might not sound very warm, but to those of us up here in the Northwest, it’s very warm, and greatly appreciated.

So yesterday I decided to sit outside and read while the kids played. I think I sat out there for about 2 hours, got a slight burn on my arms, but it was so worth it. I felt so much better after that, and I even did my walking workout this morning. I have a few more days on the antibiotic, until Thursday, and I have to call the doctor about the inhaler. But I think the bronchitis is gone. Of course I’m a bit paranoid now and any feeling I have in the chest I wonder about it. But I trust the Lord and will not worry about tomorrow. Today I feel good, and the Lord has blessed me with an awesome day to enjoy.

The kids have open gymnastics today, then we have some errands to run. After that I think more reading outside in the sun is what I’ll be doing. We have two more days of school, then we are off for Good Friday and all next week for spring break!!! Can you hear the excitement in our house? We were blessed with some extra money, so Paul is going to take this Friday off and we are going to have a fun family day. If the weather stays clear, we will take a drive up in the mountains to see some new sights and do some shooting. If it rains, then we will probably go bowling. Either way, afterwards we will go buy Paulie his new bike for his birthday next Tuesday. He has already outgrown his bike from last year, so we’ll be getting him an adult bike this year. He’s already tired Paul’s and likes it, so we’ll be getting him one like that. Though he doesn’t know that yet. Then next week not a whole lot planned, which is what I like. After that we’ll have only 6 weeks left of school. Goodness, I’m starting the countdown way before the kids, do you think I’m looking forward to summer break?

Our lessons are going well, and so is Paul’s job. I’m actually a bit behind in my website/graphic work, but hope to get caught up through next week. We have some pretty busy weekends coming up, but the last weekend of the month we get to go see my family. We haven’t been out there since Thanksgiving, so we are all looking forward to that. Our April is somewhat busy, but not too bad. We are all starting to feel better, and that’s a blessing. I hope to have some pictures of our nice weather that I’ll share either later today or tomorrow.

Ok, I’m off to make an early lunch, then gymnastics time for the kids. Enjoy your day.


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