End of Homeschooling

End of Homeschooling

End of homeschooling equals the beginning of learning.  That’s what I’ve been thinking lately, that the end of our homeschool journey has been the beginning of my learning journey.  I’ve always enjoyed learning new things, though I didn’t really like school.  Once I graduated my desire for learning grew, and I wanted to take some college courses.  The change was, I wasn’t being forced to go to school and learn things that really didn’t interest me.  With college courses, I got to pick what I wanted to learn, and it was my choice to go.  I didn’t go for a 4 year degree, but did take courses for what I wanted to learn.
During our homeschooling years, a lot of my learning was re-learning what I had studied in school while I taught our children.  It was fun to remember things I was already taught, or learn new things.  As the kids grew, and did more independent learning, I started having more time for myself but still needed to be around for the kids when they needed me.  But our homeschool journey ended last May.  After a summer of recovering from health issues, I’m beginning my own journey of learning.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve started taking classes a Udemy.com, and I’m enjoying it a lot.  I’ve finished a beginning Linux course, continuing MySQL course and I’m about to start a PHP course.  I love learning new tech things like this.  I’m also learning more about building up my website, and different ways to connect socially, like I mentioned before.  It’s fun building up my own site, both technically through the backend, and more content and things on the front end.

Most of this learning is just for me, but I do hope to be able to build up a little business of helping other people/companies work on their websites.  But mostly, I’m learning because I like to learn.  😀 I love reading new articles about the latest ‘items’ (whether tech, blogging, crafts or my other interests).  I realized how much I’m like my father in this area.  We were just visiting my parents last week and when I saw his office, I was reminded of this.  My dad is 93 and his office is packed with bookcases and tables that are stacked with books, magazines and articles he reads all day long, along with his computer to read articles online.  That’s how I am, though I keep mine in a digital format, so it’s my tablet and laptop that are stacked with books, articles and magazines I like to read.  😉

I truly believe that learning new things is just as important as staying physcially active as we get older.  This article says something similar, and shows that learning new things helps our brains.  Not only that, learning new things are fun!  🙂  I’m trying to keep it balanced and learn different things that interest me, but right now, tech interests me the most, so that’s mainly what I’m focused on.

How about you?  Do you enjoy learning just to learn?  Do you like to read to learn the latest info on your interests?  What new things are you learning?  I would love to hear.


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