Fire pit

Do you have a fire pit where you live?  I didn’t grow up with one or even had any when we lived in Illinois, but out here in Idaho, having camp type fires at home are very normal.  When we lived more out in the country lots of time we just used a burn barrel, but then when we moved into a more town setting, we bought ourselves a fire pit.


We didn’t put much thought into it, we just wanted one and bought one.  It was ok, and we used it a lot!  But it wasn’t the best pit out there by any means.  The biggest issue was that it didn’t allow wood to lay in a way to have oxygen easy around it.  And it was small, so we were always trying to cut the wood smaller.  But we used it for years and enjoyed it greatly.

Since we did use it so much we knew it was time to get a bigger, better one.  In June we bought a new fire pit.  Unfortunately we’ve only used it once, but honestly we don’t use it a lot right in the middle of summer.  First it’s too hot, and 2nd, we are usually in fire watches like we have been this past week.  But at least we’ve used it once, and it’s all ready for mid to late August when we get to use it more.  🙂

Big, deep and I love the openings on the side!
Some sand on the bottom to protect it.
Our first fire.
Sarah came over an enjoyed the first fire with us.
Now that’s a fire! 🙂
Yes, this is the main reason for a fire pit, roasted marshmallows!!

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