Fun Family Visit

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We had such a great time when Paul’s mom and two of his brothers visited.  Here are some photos I want to share of our time together.  I have so much more, but these are a good overview of what we did.

Paul, his mom & the kids.
The guys.
Can you tell how windy it was?  You can see my hair in my face.  🙂
Isn’t that a beautiful view?
I’ve never been on the pier before, it was fun.
The pier was a floating pier, we had fun making it move.
I think they liked the land better.  🙂
Not Paulie though, he liked the pier.  🙂
This was my birthday present from the family.  I finally have a pretty cake platter.
We had a fire in the fire pit.  Sarah found the biggest marshmallows ever.  They were huge.
And finally, this is the Cadillac my friend let us borrow.  Goodness it was a blast.  🙂


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