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We moved to Idaho from Illinois over 12 years ago.  It’s always hard to leave family and friends but we knew then it was what we wanted to do.  One of my greatest worries was making friends.  In Illinois, where I had pretty much grown up, I had quite a few friends.  Some closer than others, but going to the same church for so long, living in the same area etc… you tend to make some close friends.  I just wondered how it would all be after the move.

The Lord has blessed me with friends out here, some way closer than others.  I have one friend, the first I met when we moved to this town about 8 years ago, that I am still friends with.  She has grown to be my best friend, and our families get together a lot.  One of the best things is she’s into photography too.  Actually she went to college for photography, so she knows and is way better than me.

This past Saturday we got together with some friends from an old bible study we used to go to.  That’s another blessing from the Lord.  Not only bringing me such a good friend, but also other friends and ladies I can get together with.  Don’t we all need that?  Ladies of all age and seasons in their lives, just getting together, fellowshipping and being in each others lives.  Anyway, so we got together with some friends for lunch this past Saturday.  After that we decided to go downtown to an art festival by the river and enjoy the booths and take some pictures.  It was a great time and it just made me realize how blessed I am to have a friend like that.  🙂

So how about you?  Do you have any close friends?  Do you like to get together with other ladies for just some times of fellowship?  Have you moved recently and are just getting started with making friends again?  I would love to hear from you.

There are different benches and metal art that are always around the river, and we found one bench that was so pretty. We took some photos by it. Lots of fun.
My friend taking pictures.
Metal art with foliage growing out of it.


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