Has it been that long?

I will admit up front, that now that I’m on Twitter, I don’t seem to blog as much. I guess I figured I’ve already ‘told’ about my day, why type it up again. But I have to remember only a handful of you are on twitter, and so you don’t see my updates every day. I will try to be a better blogger, sorry I’ve lacked a bit.

Ok, now onto my updates. We’ve all been dealing with slight colds this past week, well except for Paulie. Sarah’s got it the worse right now, but doing pretty good. I helped shovel the snow this morning (more on that in a minute), so she didn’t have to. But I told her if she was too sick to shovel, she’s too sick to play outside too. Then she wasn’t sure if she could do her math, it’s on the computer and with the cold her eyes were bothering her a bit. So I told her fine, no math, only non computer work. Of course, I reminded her, that means no computer time later either, no chatting with friends, playing online, nothing. Hmmm, want to know what, she’s already finished all her computer work. We firmly believe that if you are too sick to do work, then you are too sick to do the fun things too. Surprisingly, they aren’t usually that sick.

We took Monday off of school, per our principal’s request, to honor MLK day. Then we watched part of the inauguration on Tuesday. We watched the swearing in, not the speech, and the Bush’s leaving. Just those things, nothing else. We also went to our first gymnastics playgroup our homeschool group has started. There is a local gymnastics center that is offering the use of their facility, for $2.50 a child, from 12:30-2:30 once a week. Most of us can’t afford to go once a week, some of our families have lots of kids, so we have changed it to the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays. Well this past Tuesday was our first chance to go, and the kids had a blast. There were balance beams and mats, uneven bars and a vault. And they all led into a big foam pit. I was so tempted to play with it all myself, it looked like so much fun. The kids had a blast, and they are bummed we can’t go every week. I told them if they want to pay for themselves, we’ll go. Twice a month is good for them. Of course on Wednesday both of them was wondering why different parts of their bodies were sore. Hmmm, let me think, you were jumping, flying, and tumbling all over the place, I wonder why you hurt. We won’t be going in February at all, schedule conflicts, but we’ll start up again in March. On the ‘off’ Tuesdays, we’ll be going to the recreation center for playgroup like we did last year. Much cheaper, and the time is easier to get to also, it’s not until 2:30. So we are back to busy Tuesday’s again.

Wednesday we went to church and it was a worship service. It was so beautiful, and the Lord spoke to me in such a sweet way. I am blessed by our church and all who run it, and I’m always thankful for the teachings and worship from them. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it, but Paul is the lead usher on Saturday nights. I’ve been praying for where the Lord wants me to serve, and right now I think it’s on the ushing team. So starting this Saturday, I’ll be on Paul’s usher team. I’m quite excited about it, I really like to chat and talk with people, and help them if they are lost in our church. We use to run the usher ministry in our last church, so it’s not really ‘new’ to us. Just in a new church. Paul has been blessed for many months as he’s been serving. I’m looking forward to it too.

One of Sarah’s friends came over yesterday and her mom stayed and visited. It was so nice to have a friend over and just chat over a cup of tea. It lifted my spirits and it was a great time. Tonight I have mom’s night out with our homeschool group. We try to go out to a restuarant or something once a month, just us mom’s. A great time of fellowship and fun, and tonight is this month’s. I’m really looking forward to it. We are going to a mom & pop restaurant that I’ve been wanting to try so I can’t wait to see how the food is.

I checked the weather last night and they said 50% chance of snow, accumulation under an inch. OK, no big deal, right? Before bed we saw it started to snow and stick, but not quite an inch, so we were o.k., right? Hmmm, woke up this morning to at least 6 inches of snow. Paul and Paulie got out there and started shoveling, then Paul had to go to work. With Sarah being sick, we weren’t going to make her shovel, so I had to go help Paulie. I really don’t like shoveling snow, but we got it done. Then the plow came and made our street nice and clear. Of course in the process he blocked the end of our driveway, so now I have to head back out and get that cleared. But I’m thankful we have a cleared street, last year it barely got plowed. So I guess the price for a cleared street is a blocked driveway.

I guess that is about it. Sorry this was so long, it takes a while to update when I haven’t blogged in a week. I’ll try and get better at blogging and being on twitter.


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