Do you ever have to go back and read your own blog so you know what the last update was you’ve given? I have to do that quite often it seems like.

Things are going well around our house. No new big news on the house front. Just trying to decide what direction the Lord has for us. As much as we want a house with some land and a view, with our price range, the only way we’ll ever get it is if the Lord wants us to have it and makes a way. So now we are just praying and trying to see if we are to wait on the Lord, or if He wants us to move to a neighborhood with no view and very little land. I grew up with land and neighbors not real close, Paul grew up in a normal size neighborhood. And since we’ve been married, we’ve lived in both. Both has their strengths and weaknesses. And we do keep looking at houses in neighborhoods, which might be what the Lord has for us. So I guess though we are looking we are also in a slight holding pattern. Everyone keeps saying, “Don’t worry, the Lord will show you the house He has for you.” I’m praying that’s true, because right now, we are just not sure. Any prayers on our behalf would be appreciated.

Lessons are going well with the kids. Sarah is just about done with all her lessons for the year, Paulie is finishing up. We’ll be done in 17 school days, so there is a countdown going on in our house. This has been one of our best years homeschooling, and I pray all the other ones are just as good. I need to get our daily records caught up and start putting together their portfolios, then I’ll be done too. I started the portfolios last year, even though our state doesn’t require it. I really liked how it turned out, so I’m going to start doing them every year. I’m also trying to decide about grading the kids things more. I was reading an article in the HSLDA magazine about record keeping and they were saying that keeping some sort of grades is good, especially for high school. And with Sarah going into the 8th grade this fall, I’m trying to set up all I’ll do while she’s in high school, while she’s in the 8th grade. So the transition isn’t anything too big. Her math is already graded, but I’m wondering about her language and history, if I should try to incorporate some grades in there. I’ll have to pray about that one.

Family is doing well. My niece had her last test before scheduling for her big surgery.We know that she is in the Lord’s hands, and she’s pretty set with that. But it’s still hard knowing that my 19yo niece has to have open heart surgery. Still no clue as to how it’s all going to be paid. But if the doctor is willing to do it, even without payment being ‘set’, then they are going for it. I think that’s great.

We spent last weekend at my parents, and it was a great time. They stuffed us full of food, we got to relax and it was nice to see everyone again. Plus they are giving us a weekend ‘away’ in June for our 15 year wedding anniversary. They are going to take the kids Friday through Sunday, and they are even giving us money for a hotel room. We can’t wait. We are going to a town about an hour from us on that Saturday night. We haven’t been to this town much, and it will be fun to see what’s there. Besides swimming in the hotel pool and seeing what restaurants are down there. I’m going to put a ticker on my blog to count it down. What fun.

Off to get some dinner started early. Church tonight.


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