Late Update

I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I updated my blog until my blog friends started asking me where I’ve been. Plus I didn’t realize I haven’t given a good update since my bronchitis, sorry.

Ok, so first, bronchitis. I am doing much better. I’ve only had to take my medicine the doctor gave me once so far. Plus I’m just feeling more like myself. Not so tired, a bit more energy, and just all in all feeling better. Thank you for all your prayers.

The house hunting has been going o.k. We were really kind of bummed out last week, but this week has been a bit better. We saw a house the other day that I thought for sure was ‘our’ house. But when we walked in the house wasn’t quite what I expected. It was dirtier than I would have expected, and more work needed than I would have thought. We would have to pull out all the carpeting and padding, and paint the whole house, with kilz primer (they smoked in there). Plus fix the bathroom floor and replace a window. We might be able to get them down on a price we could afford, but it would cost so much to get it all fixed. We would be spending everything. And we can’t borrow more than we are paying for the house to do upgrades and such, I asked our mortgage guy. But the layout of the house and the view was absolutely beautiful. If we had an extra $7,000-$8,000 (and we don’t want to use all of our 1st time home buyer credit), we could try and buy it.

We looked at a couple of more houses last night, and one was very cute. An older home, but it had personality. The kids liked the upstairs, which is where they would be, and the layout was nice. The problem? It was in a very tight neighborhood. The next door neighbors where only about 8 feetaway. A very tight neighborhood, which is what we are trying to stay away from. So we are still looking. We’ve printed out some different houses and we are going to drive by them on Saturday and see if we like the neighborhoods. And if so, then we’ll set up to see the insides sometime next week. So we’re just taking our time, waiting on the Lord’s timing. I of course want it now.

We are finishing up our lessons and should be done with school by the end of May. So besides that, lots of house hunting. It’s surprising how much time it actually takes to find houses online and then try and see them. But we are about done with houses that are currently on the market that fit our budget and our specifications. Once that’s done, we’ll probably just wait and see what else comes on the market. And I’ll actually have more time.


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