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I just came to a funny & weird revelation about myself, I don’t like to do blog entries on my new, faster & better screen desktop. I prefer to do them on my older, slower, smaller screen laptop on my couch. I think because on the desktop I feel like it’s work, when I’m on my laptop writing an entry, it feels like I’m sitting on the couch talking to my friends, which I am.

Those of you who follow me on twitter know I’m writing this blog entry right now because I’m procrastinating on getting my school supply shopping list done. I know I need to do it, but I just don’t want to. I think it’s still a bit early for me to be thinking about school supplies, though it is one of my most favorite things to shop for. But I’m also very tired today, and dealing with either allergies or a cold, not sure which. And I’m a bit nervous since I had bronchitis a while back and it feels like it wants to turn into a chest cold. So we’ll see how it goes this week, and if need be, I’ll go see my doctor, though I don’t want to.

First a quick update on my niece, for those who don’t follow me on twitter. She is doing great, Praise God. She had her surgery on Friday, and she’s already up and moving, slowly, eating normal food, and texting on FB with her cell phone. The Lord has just totally blessed her with a very good surgery and recovery. She should be moved from ICU to her own room today, and possibly discharged by Friday. Though they are in Washington state, and even if she’s discharged, they might have to stay at the hotel by the hospital for another week. Not sure if they want her to travel or not. But thank you for your prayers, and continue to pray for a speedy recovery.

Paul and I did something this year we’ve never done before formally, we sat down last night and talked about our homeschool objectives. It’s not that we never talk about them, but it’s usually on the fly, when there are issues or a quick update here and there. But this year we decided to sit and work through them together, and it was great. He brought up some ideas I never thought of, and he also stepped up to work with the kids on their PE exercises. And I brought up how I need help to be consistent, especially with Paulie. I tend to let a lot of his work drop for the day if he’s getting behind or something. Bad habit, espeically when it comes to his fine motor skills exercies we want him to do. So I told Paul I need to be held accountable by him for that. If I know he’s going to ask me about it, I will probably stick with it more, I hope.

We also decided to do something I read on Heart of the Matter online, and we are going to go out to breakfast with the kids and talk to them about our school objectives for them. Though we can’t do it on the first day of public school like the author does because we start too early, it still seems like a fun way to start the school year. Though Paulie is not a real ‘breakfast at a resturant’ kind of kid, so maybe a lunch or dinner, we’ll see. The idea though is cool, and what we are going to try this year. Plus, now that the kids are getting older, I think it’s good for them to know what we expect from them. I guess I take a different approach than some on schooling. I’m all for things being fun & such, to a point. But you know what, life isn’t always fun, working isn’t always fun and every day things aren’t always fun. We don’t want our kids to grow up thinking that all they do in life should be fun and too their liking (or their desires), because that’s not how real life is. Real life, we have to push through those days we don’t want to work, or do school. We want them to learn, even when they don’t have desire to do it, even when it’s not fun, to do it unto the Lord, as best they can, not only when it’s fun. So all that to say, we will be going over what we expect of them, so they can begin to adjust to anything they might not want to do. I was thinking of doing the breakfast on our first day of school, but I still can’t decide. I guess I should make up my mind soon, since we’ll be starting school on August 13th.

I was going to show you some pics from last Friday when Paul took the day off and we went to a local resivoir, but this entry has gotten a bit long, so I’ll save that for another time. And now back to that real life living and doing things that aren’t always fun and what we want to do. Time for me to get off the comptuer and work on my school shopping list.


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