My Brother Mitch

Today, October 20th, would be my brother Mitch’s 47 birthday.  My brother has been gone for 17 years now.  I won’t go into all the details, but I will say that he did not die of natural causes or a disease, it was by human hands.  But this isn’t about how he died, this entry is to introduce you to a man who I miss dearly.

This is my brother Mitch.

I picked this picture of him because that was how he was, country to the core.  He liked all things outdoors, animals and country.  He was born in New York, lived in Illinois, but called Arkansas home.  He was not a saint, and he had his share of problems, but his heart was good.  He would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it, which I’m sure he did many times.
Like I said earlier, he’s been gone for 17 years now, and I’m not quite sure why this birthday is bothering me so much.  I usually remember him more around May when he passed away.  But I was talking to my mom this morning and she brought up today was his birthday (I had forgotten), and that he would have been 47.  I wonder what he would have been like at 47.  Would he have married again (he was divorced)?  Would he have more children?  Would he still live in Arkansas?  I think the answer to the last one would be yes.  🙂  I get sad when I think of the fact that he never met my husband or children.  At times I have to remind my children who their uncle is.  I have a picture of him on the wall (along with Paul’s dad, the grandfather they never met), and in photo albums.  When they forget, I bring out the pictures and then they remember.  But only remember the picture, never him.  But I’m thankful for pictures.  My dad was always taking pictures (he took this one), still does, and I guess that’s where I get the love of it.  But once you loose a family member, I think taking pictures means even more.  You want to hold onto those memories and you want to be able to show others who they were.
So that is my brother Mitch.  A country boy who never chose to do things easy in life, but who at the end loved the Lord with all his heart.  I’m so very thankful for that, and believe I will see him in glory.  But until then, I have the memories, I have the photos but most of all I have the love for him.  I love you Mitch and miss you very much.

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