One month and counting

Yesterday was Paul’s one month anniversary at his new job. The job itself is going great.  Paul really likes working there and enjoys what he is doing and his boss has told him he’s doing great.  We are getting use to the new, ever changing schedule.  We are learning to take advantage of whenever he has two days off in a row, and he’s actually been blessed with having that happen two weeks in a row.

We are also getting use to doing some things without Paul.  I’m not use to that, I’m use to doing things together, and most of the time we just reschedule things and do them together.  But there are some things that only happen on days he’s working, so we have no choice.  Like today, there are farmers markets in our town and the neighboring town.  All of us use to go a couple of times a month, but they only happen on Saturdays.  So with Paul’s encouragement, we went to the farmer’s markets without him today.  It was a blast, but I still missed having him there.  Plus, without him there, I tend to spend too much money.

It is an absolutely beautiful day here, a perfect day for the farmer’s market.  After we got home, we had some lunch, then sat outside for a bit.  We were all a bit bored just reading outside, so we decided to go for a bike ride.  Our town is hard to explain.  We are on the outskirts of town, in a bit of a ‘country’ area.  But town is only about a mile away.  So we biked the mile, to the beginning of town, and went to a couple of stores.  We had a blast, and will probably do it again sometime soon.  I’m so glad we actually got out and did some outdoors things.

I wanted to take pictures of the crowds and such at the farmer’s markets we went to, and I completely forgot, but here are some pictures from our day.  Hope you enjoy them.

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