Photo Friday ~ 2/17

My plan was to take photos of our back yard, by the fire pit, and watch the snow slowly melt.  But the weather had other things in mind.  It was slowly melting, then more snow, then we got in a warm spell, with rain, so the snow disappeared quickly.  That is great, because I wanted the snow to melt, but it’s caused lots of flooding issues.  Thankfully with our house, we don’t usually deal with much flooding, though we have gotten some water damage to our garage.  But the flooding around here has gotten bad, so I’m hoping that ends soon.

Feb 4th, see how high it is by the fire pit?
Feb 7th, five days later, you can see it had started to melt some, it’s lower by the fire pit, but then we got more snow.
February 12th, another five days later and this is our yard! Yep, this is what Idaho weather is all about. 😀
We do still have some snow around.

I am looking forward to spring.  We’ll still get some snow here and there, but with this major warm up and most of the snow gone (well except for piles where it was shoveled or plowed to) when it snows again, it won’t stay as long.  I’m ready to get out and walk, bike, and just enjoy the out doors.  🙂

What about you?  Any pictures of your weather?  Do you normally get snow, or are you in an area that is snow free?  I would love to see your pics.  😀






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