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As I wrote about in another post, I’m trying to get out and do more FUN things.  One of those fun things is pulling out my camera more often.  I will admit, I’ve started taking more photos with my smart phone, which isn’t all that ‘bad’ but not a habit I really want to get in to.  I have a beautiful Nikon that my husband bought me a few years back and I really want to make sure I’m using it as much as possible.

Its Paul who has helped me get back into the swing of using it.  He came home the other night and had barely walked in the door when he said, “Go grab your camera and lets go outside.”  I am still recovering and I don’t move all that fast, but I did as he asked, grabbed my camera and followed him to the end of our street.  And he was right, it was the perfect time for photos.  😀

I told Paul when I saw this one, if we still lived in Illinois, seeing these clouds above us would have freaked me out. In the midwest, these kinds of clouds can be trouble. Out here, not so much. Just nice to take pictures of. 🙂
I really like trying to take pictures of clouds.

DSC_0328 DSC_0331 DSC_0332


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