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    Do you work from home?

    Do you work from home? I have been a Work At Home Wife & Mother for over 7 years. I want to share my experience with organization, time management and more.

  • Organizing

    Do you like to organize?  I love to organize.  I like to organize my craft area, bedroom, kitchen.  My laptop files, my pictures and even today I organized my blog reader!  😛 Like I said, I really do like to organize.  It makes me feel good to have things in order and where I can find them.  With that, I love to collect things that help me organize.  Cubbies, plastic bins, cute holders and more.  You get me in a store that has organizing items, and I want to spend tons of money, I don’t, but I want to.  lol Now I’m not saying my house is perfect or completely…