The ‘big’ project

Well, I mentioned it before, but I’ve been thinking and working on a project for the past week.  But a little bit of a background first.  I like crafts, and I’ve been blessed with lots of craft supplies, mostly from my family.  I had a craft room in our house in the country, but lost that when we moved out here.  Where we live now is in a home about 1100 sq ft, with four people and no basement, but we are blessed with a garage.  When we moved here I bought some simple, plastic three drawer cabinets to keep my crafts in, plus some bookshelf space.  So I had a cabinet in our bedroom closet, one in our bedroom, a one bookshelf full of crafts, and then another, smaller 3 drawer cabinet in our living room.  Plus some odds and ends things around the house.  It’s been ok, but besides having to pack up all our books and store them in the garage (no room), Paul’s family is coming in this Sunday.  What does that have to do with anything?  Well, because of how I had things set up, the only sitting area in our living room was a three seat couch.  We pull out chairs and things for parties, but for having family here for days, not a good thing.  But to bring our other living room chair into the living room (which was currently stored in the garage) I had to get rid of my craft table I had in the living room, and move my craft stuff, but to where?

I got the idea of getting a cabinet that we could store in the garage.  But it had to be a solid cabinet to keep the dust and such out, so nothing cheap.  I was getting some birthday money, and decided to put it all toward the cabinet.  I searched for quite a while before I finally found one that would work.  Actually, I was stuck between two different ones, but when I asked hubby’s opinion he suggested this cabinet, and I’m so glad he did.

We bought it on Monday night, and that was a time and a half as it was.  The box weighed over 200 lbs and just getting it on the flatbed cart at the home improvement store was a sight.  Then trying to get it into our truck, well lets just say that I’m glad there were some men around to help.  In the store we asked for a clerk to help, which he did, but walked away and left us on our own after that.  But when we were out in the parking lot, trying to get it into the bed of Paul’s truck, some guy came up and offered to help. I gladly stepped away and let him.

We didn’t even try to put it together that night, we were way too tired.  We celebrated my birthday early on Tuesday (my birthday is actually today, the 20th), so we didn’t get a chance to start putting it together until late afternoon.  It took us 2 hours to put the thing together.  And by then the sun was shining in the garage, so it was very hot.  But we got it together without too much trouble.  And there is sat empty until I could work on it Wednesday.


On Wednesday I pulled out all my crafts and laid them on my living room floor.  For those of you who read my blog when I moved, you’ll remember how I unpack.  I just unpack all my boxes at once, laying them on the floor in whatever room they belong in.  That way I have all the things I need to put away in one area, and if its laying there I get it done pretty quick because I’m sick of seeing it all laying there.  So that’s what I did with my crafts.  I didn’t want to do it piecemeal, because then I’ll get a shelf done, and find something else that belongs on that shelf later.  It’s just the way I work.  So I laid everything out on my living room floor.

After seeing it all piled there I said, “I have way too much stuff.  I’m getting rid of whatever doesn’t fit in the new cabinet.”  Of course I was hoping that it would all fit.  I like my craft things. But at least with all my things laying out I could see what went with what, and what shelf I wanted to put things on.  If you notice the bin on top of the cabinet, I bought that when we bought the cabinet.  I wanted to put all my material and quilting things in there.  Then I had my other type shelves: i.e. cross-stitch, scrapbook, yarn, things like that.
I worked on it for most of the day, in between lessons, laundry and errands.  I still have some organizing I want to do on each shelf.  And if you look at the pictures from the top of my entry to these, you’ll notice I added two mores shelves.  Once I got things in there I realized I had a lot of space so with the last of my birthday money I went and had two shelves cut at the local home improvement store.  Actually I planned on just getting one shelf, but the piece of board I bought made two shelves.  Which turned out perfect, I guess I needed two shelves.  I really like how it all turned out.
We now have the extra living room chair moved into the house.  And we are looking for a simple rocker to put in there too, but can’t find one.  When his family comes, I have a glider in our bedroom I use for my ‘me’ time.  I’ll just move that into the living for the time they are here, and move it back after they leave.  And hopefully sometime in the future we can find a cheap, but nice rocker.
It’s really helped to have it all in one area.  Even during our lessons when I needed my paper cutter, or some other items, I knew right where they were, and they were very easy to find.  It really makes me want to curl up and start working on some crafts again.  But just no time right now.  Paul’s family flies in on Sunday, and will be here through Wednesday.  Tomorrow is cleaning day, and running to the store to pick up a few things his family likes to eat.  Then early Sunday I have to get a pot roast in the crock pot for dinner before we pick them up.  Busy but a good time ahead.
Well, it’s late, but I really wanted to share my big project.  Hope you have a great evening.

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