Things swirling through my mind

I feel like things are swirling through my mind the past week or so. Not necessarily bad things, just seems like a lot of things. A lot of it is personal things the Lord has been showing me in my life. This morning my family went to our church’s annual service in the park, I stayed home with a stuffy head. But I had an awesome time with the Lord while they were gone. Most of it will stay between Him and me (and my hubby), but I would like to share how He showed me how I can be so prideful. I tend to be a perfectionist, and I want everything to be perfect and ‘right’. I was always justifying how I felt thinking, “I want things perfect for the Lord. I want to be a good witness and I want everyone to see the Lord.” Yea, whatever, that’s not why I am a perfectionist. I want everything to be perfect so people will look at me and think I have it all together. I was deluding myself thinking I was doing it all for the Lord, for His glory, but I was really just doing it for my glory. It’s sad and hard when the Lord shows you how arrogant you’ve been. I’ve been a ‘self-confident fool’, that’s how the Amplified version says fool lots of time, ‘self-confident fool’. That’s what I’ve been. It was humbling to hear, but you know what, in a way it was freeing too. It was freeing to know that the Lord really doesn’t want me to be perfect. He wants to show Himself through me even in my failures and weaknesses. And He’ll show it, not me.

But I also have some, just normal life things, swirling around. Sarah’s 14th birthday is this Wednesday. We’ve already bought her birthday presents and they are wrapped. She’s picked a local restaurant she wants to go to for dinner, and it will be very yummy. Then the next day, Thursday, we start school. It’s hard to believe it’s time to start, but we are all a bit excited too. We are planning a weekend trip to see my family soon, hopefully next weekend. Plus some back to school parties coming up. Our homeschool group is starting to meet again (we usually take the summer off from monthly meetings), and we have our back to school picnic next month. Yep, I guess I can see why my mind is swirling a bit.

And one more ‘big’ thing to make it swirl, we are looking at possibly putting an offer on another house. We are a bit more relaxed about this one, though I guess no matter what there is a bit of stress. The house itself needs some TLC, but not much. We looked at it when we first started looking for houses, but it didn’t really appeal to us. It smelled like smoke, the previous owners must have smoked. And just having to take out all the carpet and paint with Kilz to get rid of the smoke smell, made it very expensive to buy it. But it’s always been one that just sort of ‘pulled’ on me. So about 2 months ago the price for it dropped. That got my interest up a bit, but we were looking at that other house, so nothing came of it. We’ll, it’s still sitting out there, on the market, empty, so we decided to look at it again yesterday. It’s funny, we had such a different perspective when we first started looking at houses months ago. And though we are not settling for things, our perspective has changed. And you know what, this house wasn’t that bad after all. The biggest thing was there was no smoke smell. Believe me the house hadn’t been aired out or anything (it had that closed house smell to it), and I am very sensitive with smoke smell (I’m an ex-smoker). We, Paul our realtor and I, were all walking around shocked we couldn’t smell anything. The fact that the smoke smell is gone, is huge for us. The other things that had bothered us seemed little now, and so we are taking the next step.

This again is a module home, and though we have already checked and it has only been moved once (which is the reason we lost the other one, it had been moved more than once), there are other issues that might prevent us from getting it. We have since found out that insurance around here is usually higher for module homes, and the property is considered to be on a flood plain, which means even higher insurance. Our insurance agent is going to give us a quote tomorrow, and we’ll see how high it is. Then we’ll give a very low-ball offer and see what happens. There a lot more issues I don’t want to go into right now, but lets just say, if this house goes through, and we actually get it with the tax rebate offered right now, it will be all the Lord, not us. It’s completely crazy that we are even thinking of it, yet we feel to take step by step, until the Lord either closes a door or gives us the house.

So that’s what we’ve been up too. I’ve also been getting busy with some website work again. Nothing new yet, but I need to start working with my site more, learning some new things, so that will be keeping me busy this fall and winter too.

But right now, I need to get off the computer and work on some crochet projects I’m working on for Christmas gifts I’m giving to family. Hope you have all had a blessed weekend.


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