Updates, weekend plans and doctors, oh my. :)

Wow, it’s been a busy week and we are going away this weekend, so this might be my last update until next week. Well, as you know, we did get approved for a house loan, and we actually went and looked at 4 houses on Tuesday night. It was tiring, but fun. It got dark part way through, so couldn’t see all the land, but we got to see the inside of the houses, so that was fun. None of them jumped out and said, buy me, so we’ll keep looking. I am still having a bit of a struggle, in that I don’t want to be in a neighborhood with houses right on top of me. I really want some land and space. But so far, houses in our price range are all in very tight, close neighborhoods. And the one house that might be in our price range, if we can get the seller to come down, is a bit of a smaller house, and lots of horse dropping cleanup we would have to do. There is one house I really want, we are hoping to look at it next week. But it’s out of our price range, and even if we get the sellers to come down on their price, it will be on the upper end of what we were qualified for and that’s way more than we want to spend in our monthly budget. I’m trying not to be all bummed out, but right this second it just doesn’t seem like we’ll be able to get any land. I’m trying to keep my focus on the Lord, and know if He wants us in this one house I really want, He’ll make it happen. And for now, I’m going to try to not think about the house situation and get ready for this weekend (ok not sure I can completely not think about it, but I’ll try ).

This weekend we are going to my parents house, staying through Sunday. It’s always so nice visiting them. They feed us constantly, we all have a great time together and it’s always relaxing. We’ll leave Friday late afternoon/early evening (depending on what time Paul gets off of work), and we’ll probably stay through to Sunday late morning. It will be nice to get away for a bit and just relax. Plus we haven’t been out that way since last Thanksgiving. Of course I’ve looked at the weather and they are calling for snow, which will make it even more relaxing, since we won’t be going anywhere like shooting or anything.

I went to the doctor again today. It just seemed like my bronchitis was either not completely gone or had come back. I didn’t want to make my whole family sick, plus I was sort of questioning the doctor I went to before. For bronchitis he gave me an antibiotic and an alburerol inhaler. No biggie, except they told me to finish all the medication, including the inhaler. At first 2 puffs 4 times a day, then down to three times a day. Constantly, and until all the medication in the inhaler was gone. I called the clinic twice asking them about it, and they confirmed that’s what I was suppose to do. I did it for about another week, but hated the way it was making me feel. So I started to ween myself off of it, but still felt like there was congestion in my chest. So a friend of ours told us about a doctor that is new in town, been here 4 years (though he’s been a dr. a lot longer than that). He chooses to do his doctoring the old fashioned way, no insurance, out of his house and he makes house calls. So I decided to go to him this time, wanting someone who would really listen to me. The clinic I went to before is a walk-in clinic, and they seemed to rush me through. Anyway, this new doctor was very thorough, checked me out and said my lungs were clear. He said I was probably having some allergy symptoms along with linger affects of the bronchitis. But he was completely shocked that the other place had me on the inhaler all day long, instead of ‘as needed’. He told me to stop the inhaler (unless it’s needed, wheezing etc….) and he gave me some cough medicine that will help with the congestion, to be used ‘as needed’. Otherwise he said I wasn’t contagious and I was fine. The cost, with medicine was about 3/4 less than what I paid before. I think we’ve found a new doctor.


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