What a week

Goodness, it has been quite a week. Nothing to huge or anything, and things could always be worse, but still enough to wear on me. We’ve been having problems with our Jeep not wanting to stay started. We’ve let it go for a while, and then it started to get worse. So finally on Monday we called to get it into a mechanic. We were going back and forth between two different mechanics, one who worked out of his house & one an auto shop. When we called the shop on Monday to see if we could get it in, they said not until Thursday the 3rd. By the time we called back Tuesday morning to actually set up the appointment, they didn’t have any openings until Wednesday the 9th.  We took it, but we were still checking with the other mechanic who worked out of his house. He gave us a good estimate, and said he could start work on it Tuesday night, so we canceled with the shop and set it up with him. Only to have him call today and say he didn’t realize this weekend was Labor Day weekend, and he couldn’t get to it until Thursday night.

I have the crying face, because as of Tuesday morning we stopped driving the Jeep. Paul had found an issue in the engine (to long to explain here). We didn’t want to cause any/or more damage to it, so we felt it was best not to drive it. Our Jeep is our family car, the only other vehicle we have is Paul’s small little pickup truck that only seats 3 (of course there are 4 of us ). Plus the fact that it has no power steering.  Call me wimpy if you want, but I like power steering. So I had to take Paul to work a few days this week, stuff all three of us in the truck for playgroup (with no a/c, yes I know, I’m spoiled ) and change different plans we had made. We were suppose to go to friends house for a cookout tonight, but had to have them come over here for pasta instead. Figured Paul would have to ride in the back of the truck tomorrow night so we could get to church (which is only a 3 minute drive) but we weren’t sure what we were going to do for Sunday night to get to a party we were invited too. It was too far for Paul to ride in the back.

So to hear today it was going to go from Tuesday to Thursday just made me want to cry. We didn’t know if we should try to get it into the shop instead, but couldn’t get a hold of them today, so decided to stay with the mechanic we have it set up with. But then this afternoon Paul got a hold of the mechanic to ask if we could drive it or not. He knew all the issues we are having with it, especially the one which made us stop driving it, and the mechanic said go ahead and drive it, it won’t damage it at all!!!!!  Believe me, those little pictures don’t do justice on how excited I really am about it. We still won’t drive it too far. To our party on Sunday afternoon and the park will be the farthest. I’ll renew our library books online since they are due on Tuesday, the library is a bit too far. Though we won’t do damage, Paul is worried I will get stranded somewhere, so I’ll keep it close. But I am so thankful that we can use our Jeep.

The Lord is just so awesome and takes care of us so much. During this whole week, especially on Tuesday when I realized we couldn’t drive the Jeep, I panicked a bit about what we had in the house. We have our grocery shopping to do tomorrow, so last Tuesday we were running low on some things. In a rush, I ran out Tuesday morning to ‘stock up’ because I wouldn’t be able to get to the store easy enough. but I panicked shopped, and spent more than I should have. And in that spending, I stocked up on bread from the bread store, 5 loaves. We didn’t really need it, and would have made it until tomorrow without me buying any, but I just didn’t trust it, and ‘had’ to get it. What I didn’t trust was the Lord, and knowing He would take care of us. Every day this week, Paul has brought home bread (very good wheat bread) or hamburger and hot dog buns from work, for free!  I am running out of room in our big freezer for all the bread we have now. If I had just trusted the Lord and not shopped out of a panicked mindset, I could have saved some money, and not been so overflowing with bread.  Ahhh, lessons learned. We will be eating lots of bread in the next coming weeks, and I think I’ll try my hand at making bread pudding. Anyone got a good recipe they want to share?


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