Yes, a lapse in entries, sorry

I just realized it’s been 11 days since my last entry.  Goodness, that has to be the longest I’ve gone without putting an entry out. I have been extremely busy and on the computer a lot for other things and just haven’t had a desire to blog, unfortunately. But today I have some time and desire, so here is my entry.

School has been going very well for us, we just finished 2 weeks. We are in quite a flow of things, and it’s going really well. The kids seem to enjoy their subjects, and we’ve only had a couple of attitude times, that were worked through quickly. The biggest issue is grading Sarah’s work. Like I said before, I’m starting to grade everything she does to practice for transcripts when she starts highschool next year. I’ve studied how to grade, Paul and I have picked our grade scale, I have an idea of how to grade ‘odd’ things like essay’s etc…, so what’s my problem? Finding the time to actually grade it all!!!  I’ve given myself permission to not worry about the last 2 weeks of work, because everytime I kept thinking of back grading I was getting so overwhelmed. And since I’m using this year as a test year, it’s not a priority. But I definitely see where I lack in it. I just don’t feel like doing any school work in the evenings or weekends, at all. And yet I can’t grade her work until at least late afternoon when she’s done with it, so what other time is there besides evening & weekends? So right now I’m trying to decide if I should try and do it daily or weekly. I keep thinking daily, so it doesn’t pile up, but schedule wise, I’m wondering if weekly is better. I know for me I have to just start doing it then I will know better what works for me, I just really need to start doing it.

Besides school work the other big thing going on for me is my website. I lost my other website name,  And in loosing that I lost all my emails and everything. So I’ve started a new website, , and that’s had it’s own issues. I actually like the name a lot better, but I switched hosting sites, and trying to find a new hosting site has not been easy. I finally found one that has had great customer service,which is what my other hosting site lacked, tremendously. But I’ve had lots of issues, and thankfully they have all been taken care of, except one, the uptime of my site. There are way too many times I try to get to my site and it’s not available. So I finally assigned an outside monitor to check my site, and its’ only averaging a 58% uptime! Which means that 42% of the time, my site is not available. Totally unacceptable. I have written them about it, and for once, their customer service has not been great. I’ll give them until about Tuesday, and if they can’t fix it, then I’m getting a refund and transferring hosting sites. I so don’t want to have to do that. And all of this is taking so much of my time. Ugh. I’m also working on my homeschools website during all of this, yes I’ve been busy.

We have had a nice relaxing weekend, which has been a blessing. I have some corn chowder in the crock-pot right now, and we are getting ready to watch some football this evening. Got to like weekends like this.


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