52 Weeks of Photo Fun – Week ??

Well I’ve lost track of what week I’m on so I’m just going to share some of the photos I’ve taken.  I have been dealing with different sicknesses around our house whether me or one of my family members, so I haven’t made it out and about much for photos.  But I have gotten out to our back yard a lot and I have some fun photos from there.


The farmer plowed his field and now it’s waiting for the baler to come and bale it all up. DSC_0123


I kind of like this shot with it blurry in the background. Hubby really likes these kinds of shots. DSC_0126

This was our tree on September 29th.  You can see some of the yellow leaves up near the top.

This is what it looks like today. DSC_0213

But what I really think is interesting is this row of trees.  One is almost completely yellow and one is still fully green.  Weird.  But this is our weather today, clear, sunny and NO SNOW!DSC_0226

And this was our weather on October 6th, 10:30 in the morning and it’s beginning to snow. DSC_0160

Two hours later it looked like this.

It was a very wet, heavy snow.  Look at the branches that are so weighed down they are touching our sidewalk.


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7 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Photo Fun – Week ??”

  1. Beautiful photos, as usual. I thought of you today. The fields around here are being harvested of thier cotton. There are huge bales of it stacked up (and blowing) everywhere. I thought, if anyone could get a really pretty pix of it, it would be you.

  2. Omgosh, that is not snow…I am hoping those pictures are from last year. LOL Sorry that you already got some white stuff. I am so not ready for that. Burrr. This rain is chilling enough.

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