52 Weeks of Photo Fun – Weeks 33-35 – Part 2

One of the things we did over our vacation was go to Nasmow at our church.  For those of you who don’t know, Nasmow is lawn mower racing.  Yes, there really is such a thing.  Our church just started sponsoring it this year.  I’m a city/suburb girl, and the last place I ever thought I would find myself is at a lawn mower race.  But I will be honest, it was fun.  The souped up mowers were the best to watch.  I couldn’t believe how fast they got their mowers to run.  We will definitely go again next year.  🙂

This is what it looks like when the ‘normal’ mowers race.  Like they are mowing the lawn.

This is the souped up ones.  I liked watching these.

Yep, that’s why they wear helmets, there were quite of few accidents.  No one hurt though.  🙂

And I loved that they had things there for the kids to do.  Paulie loved the jousting table.

We also went to the zoo with our friends from out of town.  We have a small zoo, but it’s still fun to go to.  Paul took all of these pictures.  I think he is quite the photographer.  🙂

We never got to see this guy before, a snow leopard.  He was always hiding, glad we got to see him this time.

I thought he was the cutest.

I told Paul this guy looked like he was posing for us.  He stayed like this long enough for Paul to get over and get his picture.  🙂

Paul was trying to get him with his mouth wide open.  He also got it.

This guy was so cute.  He was getting ready to go swimming after sunning himself.

And here he is swimming.  First time we’ve seen them under water too.

Well that’s a pretty good wrap up of what we have been up to these past few weeks.  I’m hoping to get more photos this coming week.  And now that things have slowed down, and I have a laptop dedicated for just my photography, I’m really hoping to take more pics and play with them a bit more and share more of them.

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