A fun night at a concert

Last Tuesday night the band Manafest played at our church.  The moment we heard they were coming months ago we knew we all wanted to go.  The kids were so excited to be going to their first real concert and Paul and I were excited to get to another concert.  We haven’t been to one in years.  Paul started out his Christian walk surrounded by Christian rock bands.  And though I wasn’t as involved with it like he was, I did go to lots of concerts in my early Christian years.  And the church we went to was started by the lead singer of a Christian rock band from the Chicago suburbs.  Music has always been a big part of who we were back then.

But during the past few years we’ve allowed who we are, what we like and the things we enjoy to be pushed aside because it’s not what people thought was what ‘true’ Christianity is all about.  It’s sad we allowed people’s thoughts and us wanting to please others to change who we were.  But lately the Lord’s been showing us that it’s ok to be who we are, and not base anything we do on what others say is correct, right or biblical.  Then at the concert He really spoke to use through the bands message, and the next day He spoke to me some more about it through some verses in Psalms.  Just being who we are, not to be people pleasers but focus on living for the Lord.  And remembering that He has made us all different and unique and we should encourage each other in that uniqueness not judge each other about it.  And I’ve been guilty of judging others myself.

So all that to say the Lord really touched us at the concert.  It was a great time as a family and so fun to see the kids enjoying something so much that Paul and I enjoy too.  We were all jumping, screaming and having fun, and we weren’t the only adults in the crowd.  We really can’t wait for our church to bring another band in town.

We bought their CD’s and Sarah stood in line to have it signed.  When she got up to the signing table she was a bit nervous having a picture taken of just her and the band.  So we all jumped in and had a cool picture taken.  It was with my cell phone, so it’s sort of blurry, but I’m still glad we have it.  A night we’ll all remember.


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