A fun week ahead

We are looking forward to a fun week ahead. Tomorrow, Sunday, the kids and I are heading to my parents house for my dad’s 89th birthday party. Yep you read that right, my dad will turn 89 tomorrow. He is still very healthy, which is a blessing to be sure. My brother and one of his sons came up from Texas yesterday to stay with my parents for a week, to help celebrate dad’s birthday. Then my aunt, one of my dad’s sisters, her grandson, my brother’s wife and his other son all fly in Tuesday evening. We show up at my parent’s house early Wednesday morning and the family reunion begins! 😀 We’ll be staying there Wednesday and Thursday. We wish it could have been the whole week, but Paul’s work schedule wouldn’t allow it. Plus the fact that this Monday is my birthday and my family wanted to have me to themselves. 😉

It should be a great time next week, and hopefully I’ll have lots of photos to share. But if you don’t see me online much, you’ll know why. But I’m going to try and get on as much as possible because I want to share some photos from our church’s picnic today (Paulie played in his first softball game). I want to write about Sarah’s birthday, first day back to school and of course the fun we will have with family. Oh, and throw in some car problems that the Lord fixed for us, and I have a lot of blogging material. Now if I can just find the time to write some posts. 😉

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5 thoughts on “A fun week ahead”

  1. just waiting to see you here today and then Wednesday the whole family. So far so good. Except for the smoke but not a bad attack of it, just lingers around. See you soon. Love

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