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I can’t believe that I haven’t written on this blog, except for Fit Mommy Friday’s, for over 2 weeks. I’ve been writing and posting on my creativity blog. But I will not leave this blog lonely and left alone. I will remember to write on here more often. I’m just in a craft mode, and since that is a ‘creative’ thing, I tend to write on my other page more often. I promise I’ll share more about my crafts on here too. 😉

Today has been a bit of a crazy day. Paul had a later shift and didn’t start until almost noon. Though we got things done before he left, it really did feel like it threw off my day a bit. I had to do an impromptu grocery shopping, I was trying to scan paperwork to email, scanned it for the THIRD time, because they kept asking for a different type of file. Finally got the file type they wanted, and it was too big to be sent, and was returned back to me. UGH! I guess I’m going to have to drive over to their office tomorrow instead. 🙁 Plus laundry, lessons and normal life. All I really wanted to do was work on my crafts.

I have finally set up a work area for myself. We don’t have extra room around here, and finding new ways to use the space we have is always an interesting job. But the Lord helped me, and I finally have it figured out.


What do you think? I’ve arranged it a bit more by adding my sewing machine next to the white drawers on the left (where the pink yarn holder is). I’ve always liked the idea of quilting, but having my sewing machine stored in the closet deterred me from quilting much. Just too much work to bring the machine out and get things set up, I’d be wasting half my time setting things up and putting them away and hardly any time actually sewing. So when I got this area set up, I realized I could easily move my laptop to the side of the table and set up my sewing machine. Yes, there is still some setup and tear down, but not as much as before. Plus it’s my work area, so if I don’t get it cleaned up right away, it doesn’t matter, it won’t affect where we eat or anything like that.

I also wanted to use those drawers to hold quilt projects and such, but at the time they were holding all my husbands CD’s. So we bought him a new CD holder, set that up yesterday, and now I have the whole area to myself. I got it all set up last night, sewing machine moved, drawers set up and everything, but then didn’t have time to use it, I had a bible study to go to. Today I wanted to get things done quickly so I could use it, but I’ve already told you how my day went. 😉

So then finally this evening I have a few minutes, I pull out the things I was thinking of sewing, and I realize I don’t have enough fabric to make a project. 🙁 But I have found a cool looking quilt site, the Quilt Kit Shop. I will be the first to admit, I like the piecing, the quilting and the general putting together of a quilt. I am horrible at putting colors and fabrics together, and I DO NOT like cutting shapes at all. I’ve tried doing both, coordinating fabrics and cutting the pieces, but they are not for me. I do like sewing the pieces together, and I’m really looking forward to putting a quilt together. I emailed the Quilt Kit Shop with some questions, and the owner quickly responded to me. Just from her quick and helpful response, I’m sure I’ll buy the pre-cut pieces from her. I do still have to figure out my own matching sashing, borders and backing, I’m not looking forward to doing that. But maybe if I get a block done and bring it into a fabric store they can help me pick out what would match.

I do have some embroidery I’m working on, so I guess I will do that tonight instead. It’s also been snowing today, nothing sticking during the day, but it looks like it’s starting to stick tonight. So who knows, maybe we will wake up in the morning with snow on the ground. We’ve had absolutely none lately. It would make for some great photos too, though lately I’m having more fun taking photos of my crafts.

I got to see my parents this week, they came out on Tuesday and took us out to lunch. Then they gave Sarah lots of books on writing. She’s really wanting to write a story, a novel, and my dad is a writer, so he gave her some books. When he finds something the kids really like doing, he loves putting together a whole bunch of information for them. Look at all he gave her.



Pretty cool huh? Plus there is a local college that has some online courses and we might sign her up for a writing one. She’s really looking forward to that.

Well hubby is home now, and I need to start my embroidery work. Thanks for stopping by and reading my entry.




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5 thoughts on “A neglected blog”

  1. Wow, what a haul of books that is! That’s very exciting that she wants to write. I think being in a crafting mood makes total sense. It is winter and there is little else to do.

  2. {{{waving hi}}}} I’m stopping by with a quick repetitive hello. I’ve had so many people on my heart but just couldn’t visit blogs while visiting my grandmother in the hospital. I’m finally home and trying to make the rounds quickly and prepare for another possible trip to be back with her soon. I’ve read all the posts on my reader!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Tamara

  3. My daughter is a writer too. She finished her second or third “book” this week. I’m looking forward to reading it this weekend. She has started so many that I start getting into then they just end because she starts another and doesn’t finish, that I stopped reading the parts until she tells me that she is finished. She likes sci-fi, which is not my favorite genre, but I really enjoy her stories. How old is your daughter and what kind of stories/novels does she like to write? How about you?

    Talk to you soon.

  4. Hey, my daughter writes too. Thursday she gets to read one of her pieces at the local legion and pick up a prize for it and for a poem she wrote last fall.

    Does your daughter blog? Mine does that as well as write. If you’re interested I can sent you links to both her blogs, one on Jane Austen etc, and one about The Scarlet Pimpernel. It’s hilarious how she copies different author’s styles.

    I love your new craft corner!

  5. Your work area is lovely. I have a little area too, but I can’t put my sewing machine on it. Don’t know if I ever posted a photo or not. I have a folding table to sew on, but like you said, it takes a while to set up and there isn’t really a good place to leave it while working on something.

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