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Well, I played some more with creating a different header, and though I still don’t like this one 100%, I do like it enough to put it out there.  Still trying to learn how to put things together in an artistic sort of way.

I’m also getting ready to crochet some coasters.  It’s a new pattern I found in this cute little crochet kit my mom got me a while ago.  I’m also looking to crochet a headband for Sarah.  I had the perfect pattern, found it in a library book, but now I can’t remember the book.  I’ll have to go to the library and see if I can find it again.  And then I need to start making a list of books with patterns I like, so I won’t forget in the future.

I’m also looking to crochet some bookmarks.  I have one pattern I like, but I’m thinking of trying to find another pattern.  I always like to try new patterns, when I can.

So what about you?  Are there things you’ve been creating lately?  Even if it’s not crafts.  Like my friend Jenn said in the comments, she creates a lot, dinners, family memories and many other things.  So what have you been creating lately?  I would love to hear about them.

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