A nice day

Well, we finished our first week after vacation nice and strong.  It ended well, and I even have all of Paulie’s pages printed out already for next week.  That is shocking for me. It’s good to have things all ready for next week.

Friday the bible study I go to started back up again, and it was so nice to be back with awesome ladies and great teaching. I didn’t realize how much I missed my time there, and I’m so blessed to be back. The kids did great too while I was gone all morning, finishing up all their lessons while I was gone. Not sure if it’s because it’s Friday, or because I’m gone, but they seemed to work a lot fast on Friday than on other days.

Today has been a great day. We all slept in, and got caught up on our sleep, that was much needed. It was a nice lazy day. I chatted with a friend online that I haven’t chatted with in a long time. I worked on my website, thinking I was close to getting it the way I wanted, but nope, didn’t work.  But I am closer, so that’s something. Paul fried up some potatoes for dinner, while I made eggs and tried for the first time to make focaccia bread. And it turned out really well. My friend, who I was chatting with online, told me how to make it easy and quick. Essentially, focaccia is an Italian flat bread. She said I could use any bread recipe, which I never thought of doing. So I had Sarah start a simple bread recipe in the bread maker. It was a wheat bread recipe that we made with the dough cycle of the bread machine. Then I just rolled it out on my flat stoneware, let it rise again (about 45 minutes), drizzled with olive oil, and flavored it with chopped green onions, garlic and basil. Here is a picture.Save

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