A rambling update

I can’t believe it’s been over 10 days since I’ve blogged, so sorry I’ve been absent. It has been a bit busy at our house, lets see if I can list a quick run down.

We’ve mainly been busy with normal life things, lessons, playgroups, etc. I was quite busy last weekend with the woman’s conference at our church. I helped set up and tear down, plus was a greeter, let alone just being at the conference. It was a wonderful conference, and so encouraging and a blessing. Plus this was the first time I’ve served in the woman’s ministry which was a big step for me. I was completely blessed by it and can’t wait until the Lord calls me to serve again.

We’ve been having a cold going through our house, and now I have it. I’m not doing much today, and I’m thankful for a laptop where I can type this curled up on my couch. Paul is just getting over this cold, and thankfully it went pretty fast for him, he just has a cough now. I hope mine goes as quick.

My mom came out to visit last weekend, going to the conference with me, and that was a blast. We haven’t been able to hang out all winter, the drive gets to dangerous. But thankfully the weather is becoming more springlike, and she was able to come out for a day and a half. The kids and I got to go to lunch and some shopping with her on Friday, and the kids spent some more time with her Saturday while I was helping at the church. It was great to see her and I can’t wait until we can make it out to their house soon.

I’ve also been spending some more time on the social networking site, Panoiki, which is a social networking site created by Christians. It’s pretty simple to use, and the people on there are very nice. It feels like such a nice community of believers. I do like it better than Facebook, and I’ll probably use it more. It has the option for blogging there, pictures, chat rooms and other fun things. Check it out sometime, and if you join, try and find me and as me as a friend, just search for JoAnn. I would love to help them grow more. I love to help any kind of Christian company grow more and more.

Well, I think my body is telling me it’s time to stop. I need to go rest some more. I hope you are all having a blessed week. And let me know you stopped by, I would love to hear from you.


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