A Sunday Wrap Up

I’m feeling much better today than I was on Thursday.  I still have times of my stomach feeling blah, but I have a lot more energy, so that’s a plus.  The dentist appointment went great on Friday.  I only need one more appointment to finish my cleaning.  She said my gums are looking great, and really they feel so much better after the cleanings.  Right now my last cleaning is scheduled for the 30th, but again they might call me if they get a cancellation.

We went grocery shopping on Friday, and it really wasn’t too bad.  I thought the crowds would be bad, but we got out kind of early, so I think we missed the rush.  Sarah drove that day, and she really did a good job.  She’s becoming such a good driver.  I think the biggest issue is I tend to help her too much.  I’m constantly telling her what to do, how the traffic is, etc….  And at times it makes her not always think for herself.  She starts getting dependent on me and what I’m telling her and forgets to check things herself.  So I’m going to try very hard to not say a word next time we go out.  Which will be very hard for me, I tend to be a bit controlling at times.  Have I ever mentioned that before?  lol  🙂

Oh, how sweet.  As I was writing this our neighbors son just dropped off some cupcakes for us that his mom made for Christmas.  I’m so bummed, I never got my food gift together for her yet.  And I always hate that, because I’m always worried they will think that the only reason I gave them a gift is because they gave me one.  Oh well, I know my heart, I planned on sending some cookies and candies over to them.  I’ll probably get to it next week.  I think I’ll have Sarah make cookies on Tuesday and I’ll make more peanut butter cups and those will be our gifts to our neighbors.  Ok, I feel better knowing what we are making and when.  lol

I went to a mom’s luncheon on Saturday afternoon and only one other mom showed up.  But it was fun and I always like to get to know friends better.  Then we went to our church’s Christmas play Saturday night and it was such an awesome play.  We laughed, we cried, and God’s Word went out.  There were five performances all together, today’s two being the last two.  We have such talented people in our church and I’m so glad we got to see it.  It was also fun seeing so many friends last night.

Now this week is a week of somewhat busyness, but nothing bad.  Monday’s are always busy for me because its when the kids and I give the house a good cleaning.  Then on Tuesday it will be our baking & delivery day.  We’ll bake the cookies & I’ll make peanut butter cups & the kids will bring them over to our neighbor’s house’s.  Wednesday & Thursday the kids will probably make plans to get together with their friends, which means a bit of running around for me, but nothing bad.  All their friends live close, so it’s never long to drive.  Then of course Friday & Saturday we’ll be celebrating Christmas.  Plus, during all of this I really need to start doing my Spanish lessons.  For those who don’t know I had always planned on doing the same Rosetta Stone Spanish lessons that Sarah does so we can talk to each other in Spanish.  Mainly I wanted a way for Sarah to be able to practice her Spanish.  Plus I really want to learn some Spanish too.  I took 2 years in High School but I really don’t remember much of it.  Though I have realized that the words are coming back to me as I study them.  But Sarah is about 2 weeks ahead of me now in her lessons.  🙁  I really want to use this time to try and catch up to where she is.  But I need to be realistic and know that I might not get caught up.  And if I don’t, I need to be ok with that.  Can you tell I’m trying to encourage myself?  lol

We’ve really been enjoying this Christmas season, though at times it doesn’t even feel like it’s Christmast time.  We’ve all had so much fun getting presents for each other, and making presents too.  All the parties, get together’s, musicals, music and lights.  We all really enjoy the lights.  It’s funny, we’ve never really decorated the outside of the house, but we really decorate (with lights) the inside of the house.  We all have Christmas lights in our bedrooms, and in the living room & kitchen, besides the tree.  And today we’ve had the lights on all day.  It’s hubby’s one day off this week and it’s been a snowy, cloudy day.  So we’ve been curled up on the couch, watching some football, enjoying all the Christmas lights and just having fun as a family.  We are trying to soak up as much time together as we can since hubby will be working for the rest of the week.  He’ll get off at 3:30 on Christmas Eve, our friends will come over around 4:30.  And then he’s off for Christmas.  Hopefully after that, things will slow down for them at work.  It’s just been crazy there.  But it will be nice in the paycheck next week.  lol  We also plan on going for a drive this week to look at Christmas lights.  There’s one house where the owners set their lights up to be timed with music and you can sit in your car, watch the lights & listen to the music.  It’s a blast.  Plus there’s a neighborhood called Candy Cane Lane where most of the houses are decorated.  We really enjoy driving around and looking at the lights.

Its time for me to wrap up this entry, go get some dinner and then play a board game with the family, while watching football of course.  Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday.  🙂

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