An interesting incident

The kids and I are helping with our old church’s VBS this week. That means getting up very early, each morning, which is not an easy thing for me to do sometimes. 😉 Because of that, I try to sleep as much as I can and I hate waking up early and not being able to fall back asleep. So this morning when I started waking up around 3:45am I really didn’t want to wake up fully, but the sound of a car woke me up.

We live on a dead end street, as you can see in this picture.


Do you see at the end where it ends in this field?


There is an embankment at the end of the road, before the field with a creek between the two. It has quite a bit of a rise to it, and the young kids ride their small bikes down the little embankment into the street. Not a huge hill, but a enough of one.

We live in the 2nd house from the end of our dead end street. When we hear a car by our house, it’s obviously going very slowly, and usually turning around or pulling into someone’s driveway. So as I was waking up this morning I realized that I was hearing a car speeding down our street, probably going at least 50mph, way too fast to be going by our house. I was just waking up realizing what I was listening to when I heard the car hit the embankment. And I knew the minute I heard it that the car had never slowed down and hit that embankment at full speed and flew into the field. 🙁

I got out of bed and tried to see if I could see anything, but I couldn’t. So I woke up Paul and asked him to go out and look. We looked around a bit, but it was so dark, we couldn’t see or hear anything. He took his flashlight and shown it toward the field but we couldn’t see a thing. Finally, after about 45 minutes of not being able to see anything, we went back to bed. I prayed and asked the Lord to please be with the person if they were hurt. I was having a hard time falling back asleep wondering if someone was out there hurt real bad. I just kept praying and trying to fall back asleep. I finally got back to sleep for about another hour before having to get up, but all I could think about was that accident I heard. I was starting to doubt myself a little, maybe it wasn’t what I heard at all.

The first thing in the morning I walked outside toward the field, and what I saw confirmed I had heard what I thought I heard.




You can see the impact of where the car hit, and then I guess the car kept driving through the field to a place where it could get back on another road in another neighborhood. Honestly, it was a shocking thing to see. I’m so glad the car wasn’t stuck out there, and that no one was in the field hurt all night. But I’m also sad that we have no idea what happened or how the driver is. I don’t know if they were drunk, lost or what. I just really hope that they, and anyone else that might have been in the car, is ok.

It was truly an interesting experience, and one that I wouldn’t really want to go through again. It’s honestly no fun to hear a speeding car accident at 4:00 in the morning.

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5 thoughts on “An interesting incident”

  1. oh hon, how scary. and kind of weird. but like you say Thank God no one got hurt and evidently the car was good enough to drive on. I pray you will have peace and if your to know what happened for sure that God brings the answer to you. Thank God it wasn’t earlier and maybe some kid out there riding bikes. Love

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