Another entry so soon?!?!?

Ok, my friend asked me when I was going to blog again (I can take a hint when someone is trying to say I’m not blogging enough ), so here I am blogging again already. Please don’t be too shocked and I hope you didn’t fall off your chair when you saw I had blogged again already.

I was quiet all last week because I had a very nasty cold that I hope my kids never get. Paul got it last Sunday night, mine started on Tuesday afternoon. I have never had a cold like this before, and it was exactly like Paul’s, down to how long certain aspects of the cold lasted. I would ask, so did ‘this’ happen to you, and he would say, yep exactly. So I started counting the different things that were happening to me knowing it meant the end was near. And here I am, finally on the other side of the cold. The main parts of it left as quick as it hit. On Friday night, all of a sudden, I could feel it had just cleared up. And then Saturday, Sunday and today, I’ve gotten steadily better. Only some stuffiness now, and a little dry/scratchy throat once and a while. This has been the strangest cold I’ve ever had, and I’ll be glad when I know the kids don’t get it.

I’ve also been dealing with router/wireless issues. I’ve been dealing with these issues for over 3 months now and I still don’t know if I have them fixed or not. I’ve been on forums, tech boards, customer service, everything you can think of and no one knows how to fix the issue my wireless router is having. I’ve replaced it twice, just to have the same issues arise, so finally I’ve changed some hardware components to my modem making that wireless, and we’ll see if it helps. But all these changes, fixes, experiments etc… has taken so much of my computer time, I haven’t been online except quick updates on Twitter. I really hope that today’s changes really fix the problem.

Paulie started his Teaching Textbook 5 today and loves it. He did great on the lesson, and is already asking if we can do the 6th grade TT when he is done with 5th grade. I am so happy to hear that. I do have to increase his language arts now. We use CQLA, and that’s mainly what I want him to do, but we haven’t used it much this whole year, so I’m sort of keeping it to start over at the beginning next year. So now I’m looking for something for him to do to finish out this year. Maybe something interactive online. Anyone know of some fun language arts programs/games online besides just spelling? If you know of any, please let me know.

Sarah is finishing up her school year, and truly will probably be done in late April. She’s already finished her math, but we are doing budgets now. And she’ll finish her language arts next month. I can’t believe how quick and easy this year has gone for her. I wonder, if you finish the whole program in a year, and early, do you keep going because it’s not the end of the year? I mean, personally, what do you homeschoolers do? I just wonder if I should look for a supplement in LA for her after she finishes her program. Like I said for math I have her on a pretend budget. I made a list of ‘jobs’ and apartments for rent, and utilities etc… She sat down, figured out which job she would take, which apartment and what expenses she wanted. It’s been a good training for her. At first she had all the expenses she wanted, then realized she just couldn’t afford it all and ‘gave up’ having a car for now. That just made my day, because that is exactly what I wanted her to see. That we can’t have everything we want, sometimes we just can’t afford things. I know this will help her whether she gets married early or lives on her own. No matter what, we all need to know how to budget and make choices. I really hope this helps. I’m getting ready to give her the pretend checks and she’ll start getting her monthly bills to pay and some ‘surprise’ things that will come up and take some money. I’m trying to make it as ‘real life’ as possible.

Well, that’s about it with me. It’s now getting late, and I have to get dinner started. Thanks Mary for the push to blog again. I hope you all have a blessed day.


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