Appliance update

I figured since I went into such detail about my appliance woes I should give an update. 😉

Well today our friend, who is an appliance repairman, came and fixed our stovetop! It works great now, and I’m so happy. Since he is a friend of my husband, it was great chatting with him too. He and his wife are expecting their first baby. They have been having a hard time conceiving, so this is so very special for them. We couldn’t be happier for them. I did use the stovetop after he left, and it worked fine. I guess time will tell if something else goes wrong, but I am so thankful that it’s working now.

Now for the microwave update, are we still without one? Nope, we have a microwave again. Who finally decided we needed one? ME!!! 😀 It all happened the day before Thanksgiving. Sarah had made some apple crisp and pan cookies. We couldn’t eat the apple crisp right away, but we did eat some cookies. I was cutting the cookies when it dawned on me, I love warmed up, gooey, soft cookies and I can’t get that without a microwave. Then I thought of the apple crisp, I like that warmed up too. This is the holiday season, with lots of desserts that I like to warm up. Yep, we needed a microwave again.

Thankfully we had a very small one in our garage. It only fits one plate, but that’s ok. I pulled in the microwave and a two tier microwave cart, both stored in the garage. I cleaned them up and put our toaster oven on the top shelf, and the microwave on the second shelf. We still plan on getting a new toaster oven, and we don’t plan on upgrading our microwave to something bigger. It’s just the right size to warm up some desserts, and to cook Paulie’s chicken nuggets (he prefers them cooked in a microwave). So now we have the best of both worlds, the toaster oven and microwave oven. We are all happy with both. If it wasn’t for soft, warm desserts, I think I could have lived without a microwave, but I can’t give those up. 😉 lol

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4 thoughts on “Appliance update”

  1. That is great JoAnn, I know I would miss my microwave. What a blessing to have a friends fix your cooktop and to share in he and his wife’s excitement for their baby. We’ve had a busy week with school and getting back into our routine of things. Take care and enjoy the remainder of your week. Heather

  2. So glad everything is working again and I’m with you when it comes to warming up things in the microwave. I’m glad you had another one you could use. Happy for you. Love

  3. Glad you have a microwave going again.

    Ours died last week–it was so well-used that the inside paint was peeling off, so it was time for it to go, I think. My husband’s always eating left-overs so he brought one home the same day. I’m thankful for that. We cook so much!

    But be sure to use it for veggies as well as desserts! 😉

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