Are you creative?

I read an article last week about adults who color and how good it is for us.  Yes, as in using a coloring book.  The article suggested that it is not only a way to be creative and use our imaginations, but it helps with our stress levels too.  I can totally agree with that statement, because I do love to color.  I have adult versions of a color by number, I’m on the second out of four pictures on that one.  And I have a straight coloring book for adults, though I want to get more.  This is the page I just finished coloring.


Now personally I prefer using colored pencils, but some might prefer crayons.  But this article and the fact that I just finished this page got me thinking.  What else do I do that is creative?  I do like to be creative, it helps with my stress level, well usually unless I’m trying something new, right mom?  😉  And it’s fun.  But more than anything, I believe the Lord has designed us to be creative.

We are not all creative the same way.  These are the areas I am most creative:

I like to crochet.
I like to crochet.
I like to cross stitch.
I like to cross stitch.
I like to take photos.
I like to take photos.
I don't do it nearly as much, but I do like paper crafts once and a while too.
I don’t do it nearly as much, but I do like paper crafts once and a while too.

I’m thankful my mom always had crafts and such around when I was growing up.  Though I wasn’t always creative when I was younger, it had set in me the desire which I now get to do as I’m older.

So what about you?  Are you creative?  And I don’t just mean with yarn or paper.  What about woodworking?  Poetry?  Writing?  There are so many ways to be creative.  I hope you do have some sort of creative outlet for yourself.  And if nothing else, go get yourself some coloring books and have some fun.  It will help with your stress level too.  😀

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9 thoughts on “Are you creative?”

  1. this is a beautiful encouraging write up of creativity. I( am getting out my colored pencils and I need some good adult coloring books. I have felt to get back into some creative projects this was very helpful to read. You do color so neatly. Loved the pictures. But yes when trying something new it makes a little more stress, but not for long. You are very creative. Thanks for this encouragement. I’m never to old to color. Love

    1. Mom, I can help you order some of the coloring books if you want. Just let me know. It would be fun to have some before our May craft weekend getaway. 🙂

  2. Heather, I bet those coloring pencils from your grandfather are the best! I’m sure the quality is great. I’ve started spending a bit more on colored pencils then just generic Walmart stuff. I really do enjoy coloring and figure I might as well have good pencils to do it with. I hope you find some coloring books you like. Remind you hubby and son that Mother’s Day is coming up and those are fun gifts. lol

  3. I enjoyed this post but really don’t know what to say or comment. Sometimes I don’t think I truly have a creative bone in my body. Yes I cross-stitch, but I use a pattern someone else has created. Same with sewing. Cooking? Follow a recipe. I did do rubber stamping for a while, and made some nice cards–but it isn’t really my thing. Same with scrapbooking.

    Still I find cross-stitching to be a great de-stressor, and I guess the finished product is my thing.

    1. Karen, I think you are VERY creative! You don’t have to design things to be creative. I’m just like you, I use patterns, recipes and even this coloring page is pre-drawn, I just color it. We are all creative is so many different ways, and I’m so thankful for those who do design all these things so we can be creative too. 🙂

  4. I used to love to color with Grace when she was little. I saw some adult coloring books at a book store, and put them on my Amazon wish list for her, but maybe I should get me one! Great post

  5. Yes, we have the Dover books, but the one I’m loving right now is this one: I suggest you put it on your wish list.

    I plan to review this one sometime soon.

    My usual creativity involves writing or playing the organ, but when I have friends over I love to color together. You are very creative and an inspiration to me, and I love this post. Thank you.

    1. Yes, I have that one on my wishlist already. It looks very detailed and interesting. I look forward to your review of it.

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