Back to reality

Yep, just like most of you out there, we are back to reality today. Paul went to work, the kids and I cleaned the house, and they have done school. For being the first day back in over 2 weeks, we are doing pretty good. What do you think?

IMG_0065 IMG_0069

Of course those pictures are after I said, “Come on, smile please.” They are both doing their math and it’s not going the greatest, this is how they really felt.

IMG_0072 IMG_0070

Well, maybe not that bad, but you get the idea. All they have to do is finish their math and they are done, but I think they both forgot some math formulas over the break. I hear lots of sighing coming from their work area.

Other than that we’ve had a good day. Paul is getting into a routine at work, and he’s enjoying what he does. He went to work last Friday, but today is the first real, busy day. School is in session, and lots more cleaning to be done. Our church has a school too. But he said it’s going good. I’ll just have to get use to eating at 6:30pm at night. We use to eat around 5:30pm, and that was late. I use to like to have dinner done before 6:00pm, you know the old saying, it’s not good to eat after 6:00pm. Anyway I have two choices, eat by myself, and have hubby eat by himself when he gets home, or move our dinner time. Obviously, I’ve chosen to move our dinner time. I think it will work out, and our bodies will get use to it. I don’t usually do heavy meals like pot roast or anything during the week anyway, that seems to be a weekend meal for us. So this will be an adjusting week, but one nice thing out of it is I don’t have to start meals until around 5:00pm, gives me more time to do other things around the house (or on the computer ).

So for how well today has been going, we did have one ‘bummer’. Friends of ours were in town and wanted to surprise us with some beef they had from a cow their friend butchered. But you know what, I had to tell them thanks but we couldn’t take it. Remember our freezer broke, and we just bought 1/4 cow about a month ago. We are borrowing a smaller freezer from a friend of ours, but we have absolutely no room for another item in that freezer. We do want to get another freezer soon, but it probably won’t be until March. So we had to turn down the beef, that hurt. But hopefully they will find someone else to give it too, or they will use it themselves. I was so touched they thought of us.

And now a quick update on my things I want to accomplish this year. I’ve been pretty good at keeping up with reading through the bible in a year. Of course this is only January 4th, talk to me in July or August. I’ve cleaned up my blog reader, and I’m getting through blogs much quicker now, so I think my streamlining of my online time is working. And I’m trying to do other things too. I’m reading a bit more and working on crafts. I’ve taught myself tatting, and this is what I’ve done so far. I’m not sure what I’ll do with it, but it’s proof I’m working.


So I hope you all are having a good start to your week, and now I need to be off and help my son with his math. The sighing from his room has become quite loud.


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