Better days

Well, after the last post I wrote on Monday, I figured I’d better write a more uplifting post.  Today especially has been a great day, but first I’ll back up a few days.  Tuesday was a simple, good day.  Kids got their lessons done and we went grocery shopping.  We were getting pretty low on some of the basics around here.  It was so sunny, which was nice, but only a high of 9, so it was a bit chilly.  We were in a deep freeze for a few days, but when we are in a deep freeze, it usually means the sun is out, which I like.  We got up to 20 today, a bit of a heat wave.  And we are suppose be getting up to the 30’s with snow in the next couple of days, that will really feel warm to us.  lol

On Wednesday we finally went to church.  We just haven’t made Wednesday night services in months.  Hard to get motivated sometimes, and sometimes just plain tired.  But we really want to get in the habit of going on Wednesday’s, or at least a few Wednesday’s out of the month.  So we bundled up and headed out last night.  I thought it was funny, one of the coldest nights of the year, which gives us a perfect excuse to stay home, we venture for the first time in months to go to church.  I just thought that fact was funny.  But it was good to go, and we all needed to be there.  The worship was so sweet, and the message was just what we needed to hear.  Plus it was great to see friends.  We’ll see if we make it next week too.

Today & tomorrow are our weekend, hubby has off.  It’s been nice to have a day off.  Hubby worked 9 days straight before this, so he was really ready for some time off.  Today has been a fun day for us.  We slept in a bit, and then the guys got ready to go.  Paul & Paulie had plans to go get their hair cut and spend part of the day out together.  I’ve been cutting their hair for years, but truthfully I wanted a break.  I was just tired of doing it.  I know it saves money, but after I talked to Paul about it, he really wanted to give me a break.  But the best part of it was how excited Paulie got to spend the day out with Paul.  Paul usually spends time with the kids together, but Paulie was excited it was just going to be them two by themselves.  So what started as a break for me, ended with being a complete blessing to my guys.

They headed to a new place to get their hair cut, and they really liked it.  They got to get it cut in a way I can’t cut it.  Oh, I should get a picture of their haircuts, duh.  I’ll take one tomorrow.  Then my dad surprised us by taking us all out to lunch.  It was so much fun.  I love when dad surprises us with lunch, and of course it was at his favorite Chinese buffet.  So yummy.  After lunch, the guys headed out by themselves again, and Sarah & I came back home to finish watching the movie we had started earlier.  After that the guys got back, and Paulie had bought himself a new video game.  He’s been studying about two different games he wanted, but only had enough money for one.  I was really proud of him, usually he just runs out and spends his money, but this time he really studied both games before buying one.  He had a blast playing it after they got home.

The rest of this evening has just been spent together having fun.  I bought two new music CD’s the other day, and we were having fun getting them on our players and listening to them.  So now we’ve all started doing our own thing before bed.  And my thing is listening to my new music on my IPod while writing this blog post.  And then I think I’ll do some crocheting.  Well, I want to, but it’s getting kind of late and my eyes are getting tired, so we’ll see.

So that’s about it.  What started out as ‘one of those days’ kind of week, has ended quite pleasantly.  And I tried getting a picture of a our sunset, but I was too cold to go outside, so I shot it through our living room window.  I think it turned out ok.Save

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