I’ve mentioned before Paul and I wanted to start hiking and biking, I thought we would start hiking first, but I was wrong.  We were just looking at some used bikes at a local bike store and we found 2 at a really good price that we couldn’t pass up.  It’s the first time I’ve ever bought a bike for myself, and actually had that bike fitted for me.  The owner of the bike shop down town was great!  He really helped us pick bikes that work for us, made sure the seat and handle bars were set just for me.  We went back and forth on helmets, but decided to get some and be safe.

I’m trying not to worry about ‘exercising’ with biking or even hiking, but I just want to start moving more and get my body used to being in motion more than sedentary.  Paul and I have gone out quite a few times already and we average 2.50 miles that takes us about 25 minutes to bike.  Like I said, it’s not about exercising so much as moving and spending time with my husband.  It’s something fun we do together.

After not moving much for 6 weeks, it’s taking my body time to get used to all I’ve been doing.  I’m trying to walk in the morning and bike in the evening.  I’ve taken the past couple of days off, my body needed to rest.  But I’ll start back up this week.  I’m really enjoying going out biking again.

What about you?  Do you like to bike?  Walk?  Run?  What do you like to do to get yourself moving?  I would love to hear of some other fun things to do.

My first bike I’ve bought for myself. It’s very nice and a smooth ride. 🙂
Never used to wear helmets, but I feel better wearing one.
I love that Paul and I have something fun and physical we can do together and get us outside more.

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2 thoughts on “Biking”

  1. We have a Gary Fisher bike from way, way back. They are awesome and very light. I have been working on my walking lately. I was riding my bike 25 miles a week and then had a fall and in a separate accident broke my foot last fall, so I have been set back. I also realized that when I ride to that extreme, my body is too achy to walk much, so I need a balance. You are wise to work on both!!! Good job!!!

  2. I bike with my kids sometimes . It has actually been too hot and humid this month , but when it isn’t too hot, I enjoy it . I would like to get my husband to go for walks with me too, but it hasn’t happened yet ,.

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