Birthdays, baking and spring break

Today is the start of our spring break, and we are all quite excited! 😀 Paul doesn’t have the week off, but the kids do and that means I don’t have any grading to do all week. After this, we’ll only have 6 weeks left of school. I find that so hard to believe, but I know we need this break. We were all getting a bit stressed and just needed a break. We don’t have anything planned, which is fine, relaxing is all I want to do.

Tomorrow, Sunday, is Paulie’s 16th birthday!! We plan on going to church, then take him out for a birthday lunch. After that we’ll come home and he’ll open up his presents. I of course can’t share what we got him, but I know he’ll like them a lot. I bought a gluten free cake mix to try. It baked well (it’s cooling in the kitchen right now), but of course I don’t know how it will taste. I’m really praying it tastes ok. It won’t be a completely gluten free day though. Paulie is leaning towards going to our local Chinese buffet for lunch. Yes, we know that eating gluten free there will not be a possibility, but we want Paulie to be able to go where he wants. I’m also praying that this will help us know for sure if Sarah’s skin issues is caused by gluten. It hasn’t gone away yet, and we can’t even tell if it’s getting any better at all. It’s so discouraging at times. I keep praying, asking the Lord to show us if it really is a gluten issue. If Sarah’s skin flares up after tomorrow, then we’ll know it’s gluten. We just need some encouragement that all of this is worth it. Sorry, don’t mean to sound whiny, we just need some encouragement and healing for Sarah. If it’s not gluten, we really want to know what it is so we can help her. Ok, enough of my whining. 😉

I went for my follow up surgery appointment last Wednesday, and my surgeon said I’m doing great. I’ve been released to do whatever I want, just to listen to my body. He said my incisions have healed well too. It was a great appointment. I’ve already started carrying laundry baskets again and I’ve worked out two days in a row. It’s been great, and I feel so good. I give the Lord all the glory for such a great surgery and recovery.

I haven’t taken my camera out in forever. 🙁 I’ll have it taken out tomorrow for Paulie’s birthday, but I need to start using it more. So since I don’t have a current picture to share I’ll share one from last summer, my brother fishing in the local river by my parents house.

Have a great weekend everyone. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Birthdays, baking and spring break”

  1. It’s understandable that you’d be eager for some encouragement. This school year has been the fastest ever. I imagine summer will fly by, too. Have you noticed an improvement since having surgery? I’m glad you are healed. Have a happy break!

  2. I’m so glad you healed well and feel much better.

    How did Sarah’s skin react to the gluten?

    We found it very difficult to get rid of gluten completely, and it took us a LONG time to get rid of all of it. I hope you can find out how to help Sarah’s skin issues. It would really be nice to know.

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