A friend made this ornament for us for our first Christmas.  It's showing it's age, but it's still my most favorite one.

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I don’t have much to write about today, just a question really.  For my fellow bloggers out there, do you write blogs with out photos anymore?

When blogs first started it seemed like it was more about writing than about photos.  We would add some photos here and there, but mainly we wrote about a specific subject.  I find lately that as I’m thinking about writing a blog post, if I don’t have a specific photo or photos to share, I don’t write a post.  It’s like my post won’t be read if there are no photos.  Which I guess now a days is probably true.  But when I’m slacking on my photography, and don’t have any new photos to share, but I want to write a blog I feel like I can’t.  What’s with that?  lol  😀

But if I look at the positive of it, it makes me get out my camera more, so that I have a new picture to put in a blog post and not recycle one.  I do find I’m using Instagram more too, so that has slowed down my camera use.  But I did pull it out so I could write this post (and this picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but I needed a picture).  😀

A friend made this ornament for us for our first Christmas. It's showing it's age, but it's still my most favorite one.
A friend made this ornament for us for our first Christmas. It’s showing it’s age, but it’s still my most favorite one.

But let me know what you think.  If you don’t have a picture to share, do you still write a post?  I would love to know what everyone does now a days.

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2 thoughts on “Blog photos”

  1. That is a great question and I sometimes feel the same way. I do not take as many pictures as I used to before my kids were teenagers. They just don’t want their pictures shared, which is their right. So that leaves me with my cats, lol. Personally, I would write if you have something you want to say without a photo. Also, I do not mind if a post has anything to do with the photo used. It can be sort of artistic. Some blogs that I enjoy take several shots of the same thing and it has nothing to do with the post. Haha. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  2. I don’t know if I should comment as I haven’t blogged much at all in the past several months . I used to write without photos and about life – kind of like a journal. But it got harder to do that as I got older, for some reason . Maybe because the kids got older and can read it . Maybe I got more private . I don’t really know . Maybe time just sped up so much that by the time I got to writing , it was old news .

    Now I blog mostly about cross stitch , and those updates sort of require photos .

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