Bronchitis, really?!?!?!?

Well, the cold that I’ve been dealing with has turned into bronchitis I found out this morning. So the doctor put me on an inhaler and antibiotics, and from what I understand from my nurse friends, I’m also suppose to rest and drink lots of liquids too. I’m thankful that Paul’s cold didn’t turn into bronchitis, and the kids had just some mellow colds, thankfully. So now I know why the past week every time I felt like I was better and could do something, I was completely exhausted. So I guess one more week of rest, liquids, medicine and TLC from my dear sweet family.

My router issues have been solved, thank you Lord. Which is great, because I was really getting tired of having to work on it every day. And really don’t need that kind of stress right now.

Paul and I went on a lunch date to our favorite Italian restaurant on Sunday. We are really trying to make sure we have dates at least once a month, if not more often. It’s good to have some time alone with each other. I just wish the weather had been nicer. It started snowing after lunch, and we came home early. But our spring should be starting soon, so hopefully the next one will be a bit longer.

Our lessons are going good, and the kids are finishing up with their curriculum quite well. Of course Paulie just started his new math with Teaching Textbooks and will continue through the summer. But everything else is going well. We’ll be on spring break starting on Good Friday, so it’s only a couple of weeks away. We are all looking forward to that.

Well I’m getting hungry and should get off the laptop. Bye for now.


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