Busy living life :)

Yep, we’ve been busy living life, and I haven’t had time to write about it.  But here is my attempt to tell you about the past week or so.
Well, my last blog talked about the changes that are happening in our lives right now.  We are adjusting to those changes, sometimes slowly, but the Lord is with us through them all.  Today, as I write this, is our first Saturday doing lessons and not being a ‘weekend’ for us.  We’ll do the same tomorrow, and I’ll actually do my weekly cleaning tomorrow, instead of Monday.    (Those of you who really know me, know how different that is).  And so far, it’s not too bad.  Actually right now the kids took a break from their lessons, and a public school friend came over to play for a couple of hours.  So I told them they could play, but just finish up their lessons after lunch, when she’s gone.  I am excited, because this week, Paul will have Monday and Tuesday off!  Two days in a row, we are completely blessed by that.  We won’t get that all the time (though I pray we do get it often), but she knows that’s what Paul would prefer, and she is going to try and do it once and a while.

Paul is doing great at his new job.  His last day at our church was last Tuesday, and it was a bittersweet time.  He truly will miss all the people he worked with, but we know this is all from the Lord.  So since Wednesday he is officially working at the store, and he’s loving it.  His boss has seen what a hard worker he is, and is having him do things she wouldn’t normally have new people do.    The hours have been a bit different each day, but so far nothing later than 7:00pm.  And though it is completely different for all of us, we are all learning to utilize our time more wisely.  I find we are not just sitting around as much, we are more focused on trying to do things.  I think it’s because we don’t have in the back of our head, “Oh we can just do things on the weekend.”  Since we only know our schedule week by week, we take advantage of time when we can.  It’s still a growing process, but I know we will all grow in it in the end.

My baby turned 13 last Wednesday!   I am so blessed by how he is growing into a young man of the Lord.  He truly has a compassionate heart, and I love to see the different areas he is growing in.  One of them is tennis.  Yep, he has decided he really likes tennis.  He’s been wanting some rackets & balls for a while, and we got some for his birthday.  There are so many free tennis courts all over our town.  But I wasn’t real sure if he would really take to it.  He had only ‘played’ it on the Wii, and I wasn’t sure, if when he realized how physically involved it really is, if he would like it.  But he loves it!!!!  That is such an answer to prayer.  All he really likes to do is play video games.  The Lord finally showed us some books he loves to read, because he’s not much of a reader either.  But the physical activity, is like pulling teeth.  If they have no one to play with, they just don’t want to play outside.  We make them go out anyway, but I’ve really been praying he would find something physical he liked.  Well I think tennis is it.  We’ve only made it to the courts once, but he had such a great time.  They play in the street too (we live on a dead end street), but of course it’s farther to run when you miss the ball.   They practice bouncing lightly off the garage, and he’s really taking to it.  I hope to get him to the courts more often, plus we have lots of friends who play tennis around here.  It’s so awesome when the Lord shows us things like this.

There’s so much more I would like to say, but I think I’ve made this long enough.  So I’ll leave you with some pictures from the kids playing tennis.  I can’t play with them yet because of my shoulder, but hopefully soon.Save

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