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Ok, for all you photographers out there I have a question.  Do you leave your camera (especially if it’s a DSLR) sitting around the house or do you leave it in your camera bag?  I’ve been leaving mine in my camera bag, because we live in a dusty area and I don’t want my camera to get a lot of dust on it.  But I find I don’t use it as much for around the house shots when it’s in it’s bag.  I had it out the other day and was using it way more because it wasn’t ‘packed’ away.  I’m thinking of crocheting a soft cloth for it to sit on when I’m not using it, and that got me thinking that maybe I should make something to cover it when it’s not in it’s bag.  My camera guy, who sold us the camera, is a great photography and a teacher always laughs and says that I worry too much about getting my camera nicked and scratched.  I guess I do worry a bit too much.  But it’s because it’s such a special gift and it’s not a cheap camera, I don’t want it to get scratched, nicked or too dusty.  So let me know. Am I over reacting?  Do you leave your camera sitting around the house, dust and all or do  you store it away in your camera bag?  I would really like to know.  🙂


And just to show I have been using my camera…

My daughter wanted a purity ring for her 16th birthday.  She searched high and low and found the one she wanted.  I think she picked out a beautiful ring.  She plans to wear this ring, like a wedding band, until she gets married, staying pure until then.  Then she will exchange it for her wedding band from her husband.  She’s decided to save this ring for when she has children and pass it down to her daughter (if she has one).  I am so blessed that this was her idea, and I love the ring she picked out.  It says, “I Am My Beloveds and My Beloved is Mine.”

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6 thoughts on “Camera question”

  1. I do keep my camera out of the bag and in a safe place during the times that I am at home. I do tend to not use it when it’s in the bag, but I keep it in my purse so that it is always with me.

    Beautiful ring! and love her idea for passing it on.

  2. I love that ring. Can you share where you got it from?

    I generally have my camera in my bag but not zipped closed. We have a large window seat in our dining room and it just sits there. I get nervous having it out as I’m afraid the kids will spill something on it or the puppy will pull it down.

  3. I don’t have a fancy camera, just a digital point and click. I just throw it in my purse when I’m out and about and have it laying around the house for different pictures. Pretty ring your daughter selected. Hope you are enjoying a nice weekend.

  4. Hi, JoAnn, I’ve been MIA for a while with blogs. Love the ring! I don’t have daughters but it’s so reassuring that there are Christian girls out there who are keeping pure for their husbands. Our sons will some day be marrying those girls! 🙂

    If I’ve been shooting, or am shooting a project, I leave my camera out on the counter. I try to put it back in the bag when I’m done, because I definitely don’t want anything to get spilled on it, or for it to fall, etc. One time I almost lost it when I came into the living room and saw my camera on the fireplace mantel with its strap hanging down over the ledge. Yikes! That taught me to put my camera away.


  5. Love the ring!

    I never thought about it…hmmmm….

    I DO keep my camera in it’s bag (I have a Canon Rebel). I have a smaller carry bag – which I have it in…and I have it in that bag and THEN it’s in the bigger carry case with another zoom lens, up on the top shelf of my bedroom closet – because I like to be tidy.

    I don’t use my camera daily, though.

    Maybe that’s why…

    …Now you’ve got me thinking…

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