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Sarah went to the Ortho on Wednesday and they did a mouth impression, pictures and such and have sent it off to the state insurance. She has to meet a certain threshold for them to pay for her braces. If they don’t pay for them, we have to pay over $4400.00 . So if you think about us could you please pray that the state insurance covers them? Thanks. The appointment itself went good, though Sarah had a hard time with the upper mouth impression. But all in all it went good. I have pictures but I promised her I wouldn’t put them out on the web, they weren’t the most flattering.

Paul and I went freezer and bed shopping the past couple of days. We need to get both when we get our tax refund. We are having a hard time finding the kind of freezer we want that we can afford. I know chest freezers hold more, but I really would like an upright one. Of course they were all on sale Saturday, and the sale ended Saturday. We won’t have our tax money for another week or so. I just keep praying that there will be an even better sale when we have the money. The bed shopping went better. We are pretty sure we found the bed we like, and will probably buy that particular one. I can’t wait for that. Though I’m a little nervous about getting a new bed, I’ve heard such bad stories about people getting new mattresses and it hurts them. But our bed is so old that it hurts our backs and shoulders. I usually wake up in slight pain, so we need to get a new one. The one we picked is very comfortable, and suppose to be one recommended for people with sore backs and such. We’ll see what happens when we actually get it and start sleeping on it.

Paul and I had a good time out by ourselves yesterday. We were joking around that he was taking me to the dump on our date. We had our old, broken freezer we had to get rid of, so we took his truck and took the freezer to the dump first, then went to some different stores. But when the kids asked where we were going on our ‘date’ I said, “Oh, dad’s taking me to the dump.” It’s been a good joke. So here are a couple of pictures of where hubby took me on our date.

IMG_0099 IMG_0100 IMG_0101

That took all of about 10 minutes of our time, then we went to the mall, and a couple of different stores, window shopping for things we need when we get our tax money. It was a beautifully clear day, and it was so nice being out. I told Paul I think we are true Idahoans now because it was a sunny day, but as you can tell there is still lots of snow on the ground, and we were only in the high 30’s, but Paul and I didn’t have to wear our jackets, just our sweatshirts. Yep, we are true Idahoans now.

Last night was my second time being an usher and it was great. I really feel like I’m doing what the Lord has for me, and what is needed here in our church. It’s been great to meet lots of people too.

I also signed up for the Woman’s conference that’s coming up in March. It’s going to be a great time and it’s about having strength for the journey. The Lord has been showing me (and I think you can tell by the title of my blog) that my life needs to be about the journey, not the destination. Because once you get to the destination, then you are off on another journey. So my life is about the journey. I’m so excited to see what the Lord has for me at this conference.

Today we finally have a day that I’m not running all around town, and hubby is making dinner. It’s been a great day.


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