Christmas 2015

We had such a fun, and blessed Christmas this year.  We had friends over on Christmas Eve and enjoyed a nice dinner with them.  We watched some movies, chatted and just had fun.

On Christmas day, it was beautiful outside with snow on the ground and a chilly nip in the air.  We all opened our gifts and were surprised and quite happy about all of them.  Usually we make lists for each other, but this year we decided no lists.  So I was a little worried about some of the things I bought for Paul, but he enjoyed them all.  As did what we picked out for the kids.  They all got me quite a few things I had asked for in the past and some things I never mentioned, but am so glad I got.

The biggest surprise came at the end of opening all the gifts.  Sarah and Paulie looked at each other then us and said, “We have one more gift for you guys.”  I was looking at Paul with a ‘what’s this?’ look, and he was doing the same.  lol  Neither of us knew anything about it.  The kids rushed off to their rooms then came back with a something inside some paper and a note on it.  We opened it up and it was enough money to buy ourselves a new 50″ flat screen tv!  Oh my, tell you about being shocked.  It was something Paul and I talked about a lot, but we knew just wasn’t in the budget, and not going to be any time soon.  The kids had decided weeks earlier they were going to put together their money and buy us one.  But since they didn’t know which one to buy, they gave us the money instead.  I wanted to rush out that day to go get it, until everyone reminded me that it was Christmas and nothing was opened.  Oops.  😀  lol  Ok, so we went the very next day.

We also decided to have what we were calling a NCC day.  That means No Cooking on Christmas.  😀  We had some frozen pizza in the freezer, and leftovers from Christmas Eve.  Plus Sarah had made homemade pancakes the night before.  So everything was already made, and we just warmed things up.  I have to say, it was the most relaxed Christmas I’ve had.  And we were all so blessed to just be with each other, sharing a special day, it really didn’t matter what we ate.

With Sarah 20yo and Paulie 18, we are just never sure what will be our last Christmas like this.  We know Sarah will probably move out with her girlfriends sometime this year, and Paulie talks about it too.  Though I think for him it will be another year or so.  But every year we try and make it the best we can, not knowing how things might change.  And it’s not about what we get or give, but about being together.  And for that, I am always, truly blessed.

That is a quick recap of our Christmas this  year.  I hope you all had a blessed time too.  And of course, what’s a good Christmas post without some pictures.  🙂

I couldn’t believe how many gifts we got for each other. It was truly a blessed Christmas.
Paulie and Sarah on Christmas morning.
Not the best picture of me, but come on, it’s Jurassic World! I have all the movies and watch them all the time. 🙂
The aftermath of our Christmas is never pretty. lol
Not all my gifts, but a good portion of them.
Beyond blessed by this. We were so exited to be able to get this tv, on sale.

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4 thoughts on “Christmas 2015”

  1. What a wonderful, family Christmas…yes you are all very blessed…… You have a wonderful family and I have enjoyed following your lives all these years and feel as though I am part of it as far away as I am from you all. I have not seen any of you for many years but I feel as though I have been with you all the time as if I lived down the street. Thank you for your blogs and keeping me in your lives. I love you all and I pray that God will continue to bless you and keep you safe and healthy and happy.
    Love, Auntie Ella

  2. wow you did have a great christmas. finally I see your TV well the box I want a picture with it all set up. haha glad you had a blessed day and I pray a blessed New Year. Love Mom

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