Christmas with Nana

Yesterday my mother came out and spent the day with us and we celebrated an early Christmas together. We couldn’t get the whole family together, and sometimes not even mom can make it. But the weather was clear this time, and Paul had off, so it worked out perfect. Mom always gets us some fun, cute stocking stuffers and little toys to play with. Sounds funny, but honestly, us adults have more fun with them then the kids do sometimes. 😀 And then the ‘big’ gift is usually some money. It’s just easier for all around, that way we can get whatever we want.

After gifts we watched a Christmas movie together and then ran to the craft store real quick, so I could spend some of the money she had just given me. 😉 She headed home early afternoon, since it was over an hour drive, and she wanted to be home before dark. It was such a fun, joyous time with her, we are so glad she could come out. Thanks mom for everything. 😀

All the green packages and stocking are from her and dad.

Why I never thought to bring out my tripod and get a group photo, I have no idea. Oh well, at least we have individual ones.





Paul really likes yogurt covered pretzels.

Mom makes us these beaded calendars every year. They are always so pretty.

Yep, she got to open some gifts too.

Paulie enjoyed his main gift.

Yes, Sarah enjoyed her main gift too.DSC_0112

This little guy walks around and sings Winter Wonderland. We loved it, so funny.

Gift exchange is all done. 😀

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  1. oh hon, great job with the pictures. We all had a good time. Thanks again for the delicious lunch and fun time together. So glad I could make it out there. Love you all very much.

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